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  1. What are AT&T's four main advantages?

    A.  Best Network, Greatest Value, Best Locations and Most Representatives to Assist.

    B.  Best Network, Greatest Value, Best Products and Most Convenient Services

    C.  Best Custoemers, Greatest Locations, Best Devices and Most Convenient Locations.
    B.  Best Network, Greatest Value, Best Products and Most Convenient Sercvices
  2. AT&T has the BEST NETWORK because we offer...

    F.   All of the above!
  3. In relation to having the BEST NETWORK, what does layered technology mean?

    A.  Experience fast 4G speeds even when outside of 4G LTE coverage areas – where speeds fall back to HSPA+.

    B.  You will have both HSPA+ and LTE working at the same time to increase speed.

    C.  AT&T is layered to make your call quality flawless.
    A.  Customers will enjoy fast 4G speeds both with the HSPA+ network and where LTE is available.  When outside of an LTE area, speeds will fall back to HSPA+, instead of falling back to a much slower network like customers on other carriers will.  That means a smoother mobile broadband experience overall.
  4. Talk and Surf at the same time is only available to our customers in our LTE areas.

    A.  True

    B.  False
    B.  Customers can Talk and Surf on both of our 3g and 4g networks.
  5. AT&T offers the Greatest Value by giving the customer.
       Unlimited Talk and Text
       Low-Priced Plans
       Unlimited WIFI

    A.  True

    B.  False
    A. True 

    Customers have a choice with AT&T which is of great value, choose from GoPhone, Nation, Family or Mobile Share.  We have something for everyone.
  6. Best Products through our market-leading device portfolio as well as innovative and exclusive devices has kept us a leader in the industry.

    A.  True

    B.  False
    A.  True
  7. Star Services gives our customers convenience.  What are our STAR Services?  Which is NOT a STAR Service.

    E.   You can not check your plan type with STAR Services.
  8. AT&T Nation Plans are for 2 or more people?

    A.  True

    B.  False
    B. False, Nation plans are individual plans.
  9. A family plan is for 2 to ____ people. 

    A.  3

    B.  5

    C.  4

    D. 10
    B.  5
  10. Mobie Share allows customer to share which of the following.

    A.  Minutes

    B.  Text

    C.  Data

    D.  Devices
    C.  Data
  11. Mobile Share plans can share from ______ to ______ devices?

    A.  1-10

    B.  2-10

    C.  2-15 

    A.  You can have 1-10 devices on a mobile share plan.
  12. On AT&T Mobile Share Unlimited Talk and Text Plan, at what Data package does the customer get the biggest break per device?

    A.  5 GB

    B.  10 GB

    C.  15 GB

    D.  50 GB
    B.  10GB is where the customer pays $30 for each smartphone
  13. Which plans are available for Embedded Table Devices?

    A.  Mobile Share $10

    B.  Mobile Share Data ONLY $10 

    C.  5GB-$50 or 3GB-$30 or 250MB-$14.99

    D.  All of the above.  

    D.  All of the above, a customer can pick any of the plans listed. 
  14. Which plans are available for Internet Devices? 

    A.  Mobile Share $20

    B.  Mobile Share Data ONLY $20

    C.  3GB-$30 or 250MB-$14.99

    D.  5GB-$50

    E.  A, B and D 

    F.  All of the above
    E.  The only plans allowed outside of the mobile share is the $50-5GB plan.
  15. When using the MYATT app custmers can get answers to their questions

    A.  In seconds

    B.  In minutes

    C.  In hours

    D.  In 2-3 business days
    A.  In seconds
  16. The benefits of MYATT app shoud be shared with

    A.  The Retailer

    B.  The Customer

    C.   Both A and B

    D.  None of the above
    C.  Both you and the customer will benefit from knowing about MYATT
  17. MYATT replaces the need for one-on-one sales and service.

    A.  True

    B.  False
    B. False, no app can replace the need for a sales and serivce professional.
  18. The MYATT app is a(n) _______________ resource for everything AT&T.

    A.   Standard

    B.   Personalized

    C.   Automated

    D.   Redesigned
    B. Personalized
  19. With MYATT, customers can check:

    D.   All of the above.
  20. What are the benefits of showing a customer the MYATT app?

    A.  Self service options save valuable holiday selling time

    B.  Easy execution-most smart phones have the app preinstalled.  (excludes iPhone)

    C.  Less questions about account changes/first bill/features

    D.  Fewer Chargebacks

    E.  Assures customer data/netword services are working before the customer leaves-this also deters gamers.

    F.  All of the above.
    F.  All of the above, show all new and upgrade customers this app. 
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