PHAR303 Medical Terminology

  1. abscess
    a collection of pus within a body tissue
  2. achlorhydria
    low production of stomach acid
  3. afebrile
    without a fever
  4. ambulatory
    patients outside of the hospital
  5. amenorrhea
  6. analgesic
    pain reliever
  7. anaphylaxis
    severe allergic reaction
  8. andropause
    low testosterone
  9. anemia
    loss of red blood cells
  10. amnesia
    memory loss
  11. anhedonia
    inability to experience pleasure
  12. aneurysm
    swelling of a blood vessel
  13. anorexia
    decreased eating
  14. antibiotic
    kills bacteria
  15. anti-inflammatory
    reduces swelling and inflammation
  16. antipruritic
    relieves itching
  17. antipyretic
    reduces fever
  18. arthritis
    inflammation of a joint
  19. antitussive
    relieves cough
  20. antiseptic
    prevents infection
  21. arthralgia
    joint pain
  22. alopecia
    complete or partial loss of hair
  23. angioedema
    sudden swelling of skin
  24. aphagia
    inability to swallow
  25. aphthous
    canker sores
  26. aspiration
    breathing in
  27. asthenia
  28. ataxia
    lack of muscle coordination
  29. bilateral
    on both sides
  30. benign
    not harmful
  31. bronchitis
    inflammation of the tubes that form the lung
  32. bradycardia
    slow heartbeat, under 60 bpm
  33. candidiasis
    infection caused by bacteria that causes a white coat on the tongue
  34. comorbidity
    having more than one disorder
  35. comortality
    more than one cause of death
  36. constriction
    squeezes and tightens closer together
  37. contusion
  38. corticosteriods
    a type of steroid (hormone) made in the brain
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