python (old) vocab

  1. String
    is a sequence of characters
  2. Mixed mode expression
    • ·        
    • - combining different datatypes – like whole numbers, decimals,
    • letters, and words. Usually involves typecasting.

    • o  
    • Ie.
    • Input comes in as default type string (words) so if we want to do math with it
    • we have to convert it (typecast) into numbers à

    §  Var = input()

    §  Var = int(var) + 5
  3. Integer
    whole numbers. Usually called ints
  4. Floating
    decimal numbers
  5. Operators
    the things that do work – (+ / - * % < > == != <= >+ not and or)
  6. Operand
    - the things that get worked on (4 + 6) ß the four and six here
  7. Value
    is an expression that cannot be evaluated any further (a final answer)
  8. Expression
    - is a combination of explicit values, constant, variables, operators, and functions that are  interpreted according to the particular rules of precedence.
  9. Syntax
    The way something is written (I <3 U  vs  I Love you)
  10. Semantics
    The - meaning behind how something is written – The same for the two syntax examples above
  11. Variable
    a storage location which contains some known or unknown piece of data
  12. Assignment vs. equality
    assigning (1 equal sign ) is setting a variable whereas equality (two equal signs) issused to check if things are the same
  13. Statements
    a single line of code to be executed
  14. Evaluate expression-
    to do the work in a line of code until a final answer
  15. Unary operator
    an operator that only applies to one variable. Ie . -6
  16. Binary operator
    an operator that applies to two variables. Ie 4 + 6
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python (old) vocab
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