med terms test 2

  1. anter/o
  2. brachi/o
  3. caud/o
  4. cephal/o
  5. cervic/o
  6. chrondr/i
    gristle, cartilage
  7. cran/o crani/o
  8. cyt/o
  9. dist/o
  10. dors/o
  11. gastr/o
  12. femor/o
  13. glute/o
  14. hom/o, home/o
  15. ili/o
    flank, hip, grion
  16. infer/o
  17. inguin/o
  18. later/o
  19. lumb/o
    loin, lower back
  20. medi/o
  21. organ/o
  22. pelv/o
    bowl, basin
  23. physi/o
  24. pleur/o
    pluera, rib
  25. poster/o
  26. proxim/o
  27. super/o
  28. thorac/o
    chest, thorax
  29. tom/o
    to cut
  30. umbilico
    navel, umbilicus
  31. ventro
  32. superior
    toward the head or upper part of the body
  33. inferior
    away from the head or toward the lower part of the body
  34. anterior
    toward the front or belly side
  35. posterior
    toward the back
  36. medial
    toward the midline
  37. lateral
    toward the side
  38. superficial
    external, toward the body surface
  39. deep
    internal, inward from
  40. proximal
    toward the origin of attachment to the trunk
  41. distal
    away from the origin of attachment to the trunk
  42. chron/o
  43. path/o
  44. -stasis
    standing still
  45. -gnosis
  46. acute
    disease that id short duration
  47. chronic
    disease that is long duration
  48. febril
  49. infection
    disease caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites or protozoans
  50. adeno
  51. auto
  52. cutane/o
  53. cyano
  54. derm/o, dermat/o
  55. follicul/o
    little follicle
  56. kerat/o
  57. onych/o
  58. seb/o
    sebum, oil
  59. integumetary system
    skin, protection, regulation, sensation
  60. abrasion
    superficial scrape
  61. abscess
    elevation of skin containing cavity, sign of infection
  62. superation
    the production of pus
  63. cellulite
    uneven surface of the skin, sign of subcutaneous fat deposition
  64. cicatrix
    scar tissue
  65. comedo
  66. contusion
  67. cyanosis
    skin turning bluish, a sign of cadiovascular disturbance
  68. cyst
    closed sack on surface of skin filled with semi solid material or fluid
  69. edema
    fluid accumulation, a sign of infection or injury
  70. erythema
    redness of the skin
  71. fissure
    a narrow break or slit in the skin
  72. furuncle
    local swelling associated with a hair follicle
  73. induration
    a local hard area, a sign of excessive collagen or calcium
  74. jaundice
    yellowing of the skin and eyes, a sign of liver or gallbladder disease
  75. keloid
    overgrowth of scar tissue
  76. laceration
    a tear or cut with irregular surface
  77. macule
    discolored flat spot on the skin
  78. nevus
    pigmented spot; mole, sign of being a tumor
  79. pallor
    abnormal pale skin
  80. papule
    small solid elevation on the skin
  81. petechia
    ruptured blood vessel on the surface of the skin, a sign of circulatory disease
  82. pruritus
    itchy skin
  83. purpura
    purple red skin discoloration, result of a broken blood vessel
  84. pustule
    elevated area of skin filled with pus
  85. ulcer
    an erosion through the skin or mucus membrane
  86. ducubitus
    ulcer caused by lack of movement for an extended time
  87. uraticaria
    a common skin reaction of small fluid filled skin elevations (hives)
  88. verruca
    small elevation of the epidermis that is filled with fluid
  89. wheal
    a temporary itchy elevation of the skin, often with a white center and red perimeter
  90. actin/o
  91. albin/o
  92. carcin/o
  93. cellul/o
    little cell
  94. chym/o
  95. crypt/o
  96. hidr/o
  97. leuk/o
  98. melan/o
  99. myc/o
  100. unych/o
  101. pedicul/o
    body louse
  102. scler/o
  103. trich/o
  104. xer/o
  105. acne
    bacterial infection of sebaceous glands and ducts
  106. actinic keratosis
    skin lesions resulting from overgrowth of the epidermis resulting in a scaly surface, precancerous condition caused by sun exposure
  107. albanism
    genetic condition of reduction of the pigment melanin in the skin
  108. alopecia
  109. burn
    injury caused by fire, electricity, chemicals, or sunlight
  110. carbuncle
    infection caused by a cluster of boils
  111. carcinoma
    cancerous tumor
  112. cellulitis
    inflammation of connective tissue in the dermis
  113. dermititis
    generalized inflammation of the skin
  114. ecchymosis
    leaking blood vessels producing purpura
  115. herpes
    skin eruption producing clusters of deep blisters
  116. hidradenitis
    inflammation of sweat glands causing excessive perspiration
  117. impetigo
    contagious skin infection similar to herpes caused by bacteria
  118. kaposis sarcoma
    skin cancer in the connective tissue of the dermis, brown or purple patches on skin
  119. leukoderma
    reduced activity of pigment producing cells with age
  120. melanoma
    skin cancer arisen from melanocytes
  121. onychocryptosis
    nail becomes buried in skin; ingrown nail
  122. onychomalacia
    abnormally soft nail
  123. onychomycosis
    fungal infection of the nail
  124. pediculosis
    body louse
  125. psoriasis
    red lesions covered with silvery epidermal scales
  126. scabies
    skin eruption caused by the female itch mite burrowing into the skin
  127. scleroderma
    abnormal thickening or hardening of the skin
  128. systemic lupus erythematosus
    (SLE) chronic progressing disease of connective tissue
  129. tinea
    fungal infection of the skin; ringworm
  130. captis
    ringworm on scalp
  131. pedis
    ringworm on feet
  132. corporis
    ringworm on general body
  133. trichomycosis
    fungal infection of the hair
  134. xeroderma
    dry skin caused by hyposecrection of oil glands
  135. abras/o
    to rub away
  136. rhytid/o
  137. biopsy
    minor surgery involving removal of tissue for evaluation
  138. debridement
    excision of foreign matter and unwanted tissue from a wound
  139. dermabrasion
    cosmetic surgery in which abrasives are used to remove unwanted scars
  140. dermatoautoplasty
    using a patients own skin graft to improve healing
  141. dermatome
    instrument used to cut skin slices for dermatoautoplasty
  142. dermatoplasty
    general term for surgical procedure of the skin
  143. emollient
    chemical agent that softens or smooths skin
  144. rhytidectomy
    the surgical repair of skin wrinkles
  145. BCC
    basal cell carcinoma
  146. bx, Bx
  147. SLE
    systemic lupus erythematosus
  148. SqCCa
    squamous call carcinoma
  149. TBSA
    total body surface area
  150. arthr/o
  151. articlu/o
  152. burs/o
    purse or sac, bursa
  153. carp/o
  154. condyl/o
    knuckle of joint
  155. cost/o
  156. fasci/o
  157. femor/o
    thigh, femur
  158. fibr/o
  159. fubul/o
  160. ili/o
    flank, hip, groin, ilium of pelvis
  161. ischi/o
    haunch, hip joint, ischium
  162. minisc/o
  163. muscul/o
  164. my/o, myos/o
  165. myel/o
    bone marrow
  166. orth/o
  167. ost/o, oste/o
  168. pariet/o
  169. patell/o
  170. ped/o
  171. petr/o
  172. phalang/o
  173. phys/o
  174. pub/o
  175. radi/o
  176. sacr/o
    sacred, sacrum
  177. skelet/o
  178. spondyl/o
  179. stern/o
    sternum, chest
  180. synov/o, synovi/o
  181. tars/o
    tarsal bone
  182. ten/o, tendon/o
    stretch, tendon
  183. vertebr/o
  184. orthopedics
    branch of medicine focusing on skeletal and muscular systems
  185. arthr/oJOINT
  186. KINESI/O
  187. my/o
  188. tax/o
    reaction to a stimulus
  189. ten/o
  190. troph/o
  191. arthralgia
    condition of pain
  192. ataxia
    inability to coordinate muscles during voluntary movement
  193. atrophy
    reduction in muscle size
  194. bradykinesia
    abnormally slow movement
  195. decalcification
    abnormal reduction of calcium in bone
  196. dyskinesia
    difficulty in movement
  197. dystrophy
    general tern for deformity arising during development
  198. hypertrophy
    excessive muscle growth or development
  199. myalgia
    condition of muscle pain
  200. tenodynia
    tendon pain
  201. ankyl/o
  202. kyph/o
  203. lith/o
  204. lord/o
    bent forward
  205. menisc/o
  206. por/o
  207. sarc/o
    flesh, meat
  208. scoli/o
  209. achrondoplasia
    a disease that causes dwarfism
  210. ankylosis
    joints are abnormally stiff and movement is difficult
  211. arthritis
    inlfammation and degeneration of a joint
  212. artheochonditis
    inflammation of articular cartilage within synovial joints resulting in joint pain during movement
  213. bunion
    abnormal enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe
  214. bursitis
    the inflammation of a bursa
  215. bursolith
    calcium deposit within a bursa of the foot
  216. carpal tunnel syndrome
    inflammation of the wrist that causes pressure against the median nerve resulting in pain and restricted movement
  217. carpoptosis
    weakness of the wrist resulting in difficulty supporting the hand
  218. cramps
    prolonged involuntary contractions causing pain
  219. degenerative joint disease
    DJD general term describing a disease of the joints in which cartilage undergoes degeneration
  220. Duchenne muscular dystrophy
    DMD skeletal muscle degeneration resulting in progressing muscle weakness and degeneration
  221. epicondylitis
    inflammation of the epiconyles- small bony elevations on humerus near the eldow
  222. fibromyalgia
    widespread pain of musculoskeletal structures of the limbs face and trunk
  223. fracture
    break in a bone
  224. gout
    sharp pain in the joints of the toes
  225. herniated disk
    rupture of an intervertebral disk causing pressure against spinal nerves
  226. kyphosis
    upper thoratic curve bends posteriorly
  227. lordosis
    exaggerated anterior spinal curve in lumbar area
  228. scoliosis
    lateral curvature of the spine in thoracic or lumbar regions
  229. marfan's syndrome
    excessive cartilage formation at the epiphyseal plates forming abnormally long limbs and tall thin body
  230. meniscitis
    inflammation of a meniscus resulting in pain
  231. meniscus
    a crescent shaped band of cartilage that supports joints such as knee and shoulders
  232. myasthenia gravis
    progressive failure of muscles to respond to nerve stimulation
  233. myeloma
    tumor of red bone marrow
  234. myocele
    muscle tears through the fascia causing a protrusion
  235. myositis
    local inflammation of the muscle
  236. osteitis
    inflammation of the bone caused by infection
  237. osteitis deformans
    Pagets disease- deformities due to a failure of bone remodeling
  238. osteosarcoma
    bone cancer arising from connective tissue within the bone
  239. osteogenesis imperfecta
    an inherited disease resulting in impaired bone growth and fragile bones
  240. osteomalacia
    softening of the bones
  241. osteomyelitis
    inflammation of the red bone marrow
  242. osteoporosis
    loss of bone density
  243. paraplegia
    loss of sensation or movement of the area below the hips
  244. quadriplegia
    loss of sensation or movement of all four limbs
  245. polymyositis
    inflammation of many muscles caused by bacterial infection
  246. rickets
    softening of bones due to excessive removal of calcium for other body functions
  247. rotator cuff injury
    tear in one or more tendons and muscles of the rotator cuff
  248. spondylarthritis
    inflammation of the joints of the vertebrae
  249. spain
    tear of collagen fibers within a ligament
  250. strain
    tear of muscle fibers caused by stetching a muscle beyond its normal range
  251. temporomandibular joint disease
    TMJ- disease of the junction of the mandible and temporal bone which allows the lower jaw to move when speaking, resulting in dislocations
  252. tendonitis
    inflammation of a tendon
  253. tenosynovitis
    form of tendonitis that also involves inflammation of the synovial membrane
  254. cost/o
  255. electr/o
  256. lamin/o
    thin, lamina
  257. syn/o
  258. -desis
    surgical fusion
  259. -lysis
    lossen, dissolve
  260. rrhaphy
  261. arthrocentesis
    excess fluids are withdrawn by suction through surgical puncture into the synovial cavity of the joint
  262. arthroclasia
    surgical breaking of an abnormally stiff joint
  263. arthrodesis
    surgical fixation of a joint
  264. arthrogram
    the printed image of an x ray of a joint
  265. arthrolysis
    a joint is loosened of abnormal restrictions such as calcium deposits and bursoliths
  266. arthroplasty
    procedure to repair a joint
  267. arthroscopy
    the process of viewing with an arthropscope. uses fiber optics, live-action photography and computer enhancement
  268. arthrotomy
    surgical iniscion into the synovial cavity of a joint
  269. bursectomy
    removal of a bursa from a joint
  270. chiropractic
    field of therapy centering on manipulation of bones and joints
  271. chrondrectomy
    surgical excision or removal of cartilage of the joint
  272. chrondroplasty
    surgical repair of cartilage associated with a joint
  273. costectomy
    removal of a rib
  274. cranioplasty
    one or more bones of the cranium undergo repair during surgery
  275. craniotomy
    surgically entering the cranial cavity
  276. diskectomy
    surgically removing the intervertebral disk to reduce the pain of a herniated disk
  277. elecromyography
    procedure measuring and recording the strength of a muscle contraction
  278. fasciotomy
    surgical incision into the connective tissue sheath surrounding a muscle (fascia)
  279. fracture reduction
    aligning the broken bones to their normal positions
  280. myoplasty
    surgical repair of a muscle
  281. myorrhaphy
    procedure to suture torn ends of a muscle
  282. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatorydrugs
    NSAIDs treatment for inflammation or pain of muscle or bone
  283. orthotics
    medical field involving the construction and fitting of orthopedic appliances to assist a patient such as lifts artificial limbs retraction devices
  284. ostectomy
    surgical removal or excision of bone tissue
  285. osteoclasis
    purposely breaking a bone to correct a defect
  286. osteopathy
    medical field that emphasizes the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and overall health, body alignment, and nutrition
  287. osteoplasty
    surgical repair of a bone
  288. podiatry
    specialty the focuses on foot health
  289. tenomyoplasty
    repair of both muscle and tendon
  290. tenorrhaphy
    suturing of a tendon to close a tear
  291. tenotomy
    incision made into a tendon
  292. vertebroplasty
    repairing damaged or diseased vertebrae
  293. ACL
    anterior criciate ligament (stabilizes the knee joint)
  294. CTS
    carpal tunnel syndrome
  295. DJD
    degenerative joint disease
  296. DMD
    duchenne musclar dystrophy
  297. DO
    physician specializing in osteopathy
  298. EMG
  299. HND
    herniated nucleus pulposus (a herniated intervertebral disk)
  300. MG
    myasthenia gravis
  301. NSAIDs
    nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  302. OA
  303. RA
    rhuematoid arthritis
  304. ROM
    range of motion
  305. SCI
    spinal cord injury
  306. THR
    total hip replacement
  307. TKA
    total knee arthroplasty
  308. TKR
    total knee replacement
  309. TMJ
    temporomandibular joint
  310. C1-C7
    cervical vertebrae
  311. T1-T12
    thoracic vertebrae
  312. L1-L5
    lumbar vertebrae
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