Water supply

  1. What are the three methods of moving water?
    • Direct pumping
    • Gravity system
    • Combination system
  2. Where is the water treatment plant in Hamilton located?
    East end of the City on Woodward Ave.
  3. What are the three components of a water distribution grid system?
    • Primary feeders
    • Secondary feeders
    • Distributors
  4. How close do hydrants have to be in residential areas and high value commercial/industrial areas?
    150 m in residential, 90 m in commercial/industrial
  5. What is a dead end hydrant?
    A hydrant fed from only one direction
  6. What do you call a hydrant fed from two or more directions?
    A looped line or circulating feed hydrant
  7. What are some considerations for dead-end hydrants?
    • Know where they are
    • Consider using a different main at a working fire
    • Laying lines from more distant hydrants known to have adequate water supply
    • Relay pumping to secure an adequate water supply
    • Allow water to flow prior to hooking up to remove debris
  8. What are the two types of valve?
    Indicating and nonindicating
  9. What are the two types of indicating valves?
    • Post indicating valves (PIV)
    • Outside screw and yoke (OS&Y)
  10. What are the two types of hydrants?
    • Dry barrel
    • Wet barrel
  11. What are the 5 types of pressure dealing with water?
    Static, normal operating, residual, flow, and elevation.
  12. Describe static pressure
    The pressure in a system when the water is not moving
  13. Describe normal operating pressure
    The pressure in the system during a period of normal consumption
  14. Describe residual pressure
    The pressure that remains in a system when water is flowing
  15. Describe flow pressure
    The quantity of water flowing through an opening during a hydrant test (Pitot gauge)
  16. Describe elevation pressure
    The amount of pressure created by gravity, also known as head pressure
  17. List the 4 hydrant classes, their bonnet colours, and the flow rates used in the City of Hamilton
    • AA - Light blue - 5675 L/minute or more
    • A - Green - 3780 to 5675 L/minute
    • B - Orange - 1900 to 3780 L/minute
    • C - Red - 1900 L/minute or less
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