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    • Why are there taxes?
    • To pay for gov't programs and expenses
  1. What kind of taxes are there? And where is the power located?
    • Progressive
    • Regressive
    • Proportional
    • Sin
    • To congress in article 1
  2. How is health care and education related to federalism?
    Left to the states but fed gov is trying to get more involved
  3. What are areas of concern for policy today?
    • International terrorism
    • Nuclear proleration
    • World's economy
  4. How has foreign policy change d throughout history?
    • Isolationism-up to 1900's
    • Global involvment-1900-1980
    • Containment of communism-1948-1989
    • Curbing nature terrorism-now
  5. What's an executive agreement?
    • when the prez agrees with a leader of a country
    • senate does not have to approve
  6. What is the moneroe doctrine?
    Doctrine warning other countries of war if they are to come into the Western hemisphere
  7. What was the Marshall plan?
    Plan to rebuild europe after WWII
  8. What is the united nations?
  9. What are 3 ways the prez is limited in regards to war?
    • funding
    • Congress declares war
    • War powers act
  10. Role the gov't has played in the great depression era?
    • More involvement
    • SS, medicate, Medicare, and unemployment insurance
  11. what is containment?
    Strategy to oppose expansion of soviet power with military power, economic assitence, and political influnce
  12. What is party polarization?
    • Don't compromise with the other party
    • Parties can't agree so nithung gets done
    • Divided govt also has a role
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