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    • What are the fundamental beliefs? (10)
    • Life
    • Liberty
    • Pursuit of happiness
    • Public or common good
    • Justice
    • Equality
    • Diversity
    • Truth
    • Popular sovereignty
    • Patriotism
  1. What are the constitutional principals? (8)
    • Rule of law
    • Separation of powers
    • Representative gov
    • Checks and balances
    • Individual rights
    • Freedom of religion
    • Civilian control of the military
  2. What is gov't?
    Collective of individuals and institutions, the formal vehicles through which policy are made and affairs with state are conducted
  3. When was dual federalism?
    • Before and leading up to the civil war
    • Deed Scott and the Plessy case helped establish
  4. When was creative federalism?
    • During the 1960's civil rights
    • nature gov gave states money to stop segregation
    • Nat gov determined the needs of the states
  5. When was cooperative federalism?
    • Started at great depression
    • State/nat gov worked together to solve problems
    • SS, Medicare, and madicade
  6. What are motor voter laws?
    Laws where you can register to vote when you renew your license and/or vehicle registration
  7. When is election day?
    First Tuesday after the first Monday in November
  8. What is a referendum?
    When citizens get to vote on the passage of state laws
  9. What are federal matching funds?
    Tax payers money is given to prez candidates by the gov if their party got at least 5% of the vote in the last election
  10. What are the Miranda rights?
    Police must inform the convict of his/her constitutional rights protected in the 5th amendment
  11. What is an exclusionary rule?
    Prohibits police from using illegally seized evidence in trial
  12. What is the right of privacy?
    Right to be left alone
  13. What is pure speech?
    • Most common
    • Involves just the power of words to communicate
  14. What is speech plus?
    Speech and actions
  15. What is symbolic speech?
    Involves actions, and symbols instead of words to express opinions
  16. What is seditious speech?
    Urging resistance to lawful authority or advocating to overthrow gov
  17. What is defamatory speech?
    False speech that damages a person's good name, character, or reputation
  18. What is the wall of separation?
    Church and gov are suppose to be separate when,making gov decisions
  19. What is logrolling?
    Trading votes
  20. Who were the 2 presidents that were impeached? Who resigned?
    • Bill Clinton, Andrew Johnson
    • Nixon
  21. What's the point of the iron triangle?
    These 3 groups are supposed to work together
  22. Why is Marshall court important?
    Established a co-equal branch of gov
  23. What was the judiciary act of 1789?
    Established the basic 3 tiered structure of the federal court system
  24. What are the 3 levels of court systems?
    • 1) district courts
    • 2) Appellate Course
    • 3) supreme court
  25. Why do most cases never go on trial?
    Plea bargins
  26. What is the court mentioned in the constitution?
    Supreme court
  27. What are the only cases that go directly to the SC?
    • states v state
    • State v us
  28. What are push polls?
    Polls taken for the purpose of providing info on another candidate that would make them look bad
  29. What are straw polls?
    Unscientific polls used to gauge public opinion on a variety or issues or policies
  30. What is political ideology?
    Coherent set of values and beliefs about that purpose and scope of gov held by groups or individuals
  31. What is debt?
    Lots of years with a deficit
  32. What is a deficit?
    Spending more money then what you have
  33. What is the primary source of revenue?
    Income tax
  34. What was the first power granted to congress in the constitution?
    Power to tax
  35. What is a tax?
    Income, property, good, or service that is subject to tax
  36. What are the three types of tax?
    • Proportional
    • Progressive
    • Regressive
  37. What are sin taxes?
    Taxes on what gov finds unhealthy
  38. What is monotray policy?
    Gov control of the $ supply and interest rates
  39. What is interventionist state?
    when to the gov gets involved with the economy
  40. What is social regulation?
    Rules/regulations on the safety and quality of goods
  41. What is the federal reserve board?
    group of gov officials that sells monetary policy including the amount banks have to keep on hand
  42. What is fiscal policy?
    Give policies on taxing and spending
  43. What is the gross domestic product?
    Total value of all goods and services produced by a country in a year
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