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  1. Selection process
    Picked by prez
  2. 4 justices and where on spectrum
    Clarence Thomas- pres HW Bush- 1 on cons/ antonin scalia- prez reagan- 2 on cons/ samual alito jr- prez W bush- 3 on cons/ john g roberts- W Bush- 4 on cons
  3. Rule of 4
    At least 4 justices of the SC must vote to see a case
  4. Juducial review
    Power of courts to review all acts of ther branches and states
  5. Civil law
    Pay money
  6. Criminal law
    Go to jail
  7. Sentorial courtesy
    When prez picks someone for sc and goes to senators to ask about info on the person
  8. Why is the sentorial courtesy critiziezed
    Gives sentors too much say on who gets to be picked
  9. Amicus curey*
    • Friend of the court
    • Third party to lawsuit who files a brief for the purpose of raising additional points in an attempt to influence a court's decision
  10. Checks it has on exc
    Declare executive acts unconstitutional
  11. Checks on leg
    Rule laws unconstitutional
  12. How does a case get to SC
    Gets appealed from the lower courts
  13. Why is appealing so hard
    Takes a ton of time
  14. Jurisdiction*
    Authority vested in a particular court to hear and decide the issues in any case
  15. What can't they do
    Can't overrule amendments
  16. Texas v johnson
    Burning the flag was legal as long as it's done safely
  17. Us term limits v thornton
    Reps/ senators can run as much as they want
  18. Gideon v waignwright
    Gave indigents right to councel
  19. Brown v board of education
    School segregation was unconst
  20. Stare decisis
    Looking at past cases with similar topics to see how the decision was made
  21. Habeas corpus*
    • Mandate requiring a prisinor be brought before a court to determine whether the gov has the right to continue detaining them
    • People have the right to know what they are being accused with
  22. Writ of certiarari*
    • Request for the court to order up the records from a lower court to review a case
    • Big court reviewing a small court action
  23. Strict constructionist/judicial restraint
    People who interpret const how the Framers wrote it
  24. Loose constructionist? Juducial activist
    Read const and interpret it how they feel
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