AP GOV 5.txt

  1. 3 ways a abill becomes a law
    • President signs it,
    • house and senate 2/3 override vote
    • , if nothing is done for 10 days and congress is in secssion
  2. 3 different kinds of committees
    Joint conference and standing
  3. Filbuster
    Formal way or halting action on bill with long speeches and unlimited debate in Senate
  4. Cloture
    Mechanism requiring 60 senators to cut off debate
  5. Bill
    A proposed law
  6. Incumbecy
    Person who holds office
  7. Gerrymandering
    Redrawing district lines in a weird way to get 1 party an advantage
  8. Redistricting
    Redrawing district lines based on census
  9. Apportionment
    Making sure all districts have the same amount of people in it
  10. Pork
    Benefit your district with public works programs military bases or other programs
  11. Members in the House
  12. Members in Senate
  13. 3 influence on Congress decision making
    • Constitutions,
    • colleagues,
    • and party
  14. 2 jobs for Vice President
    • Brakes tie vote,
    • and take over office if President dies
  15. Congressional oversight
    Review and monitoring of federal agencies activities and programs
  16. 3 powers given to the house
    • I'll text bills go through it
    • , pick the president in Fawlty the election
    • , and I ring charges against offitial
  17. 3 powers given to senate
    • 2 thirds vote to kick official out of office,
    • approve treaties
    • and approve presidential appointments
  18. What is a select committee?
    • Temporary in nature
    • for special investigation
  19. What is a standing committee?
  20. What is a rules committee?
    Legislative committee responsible for expediting passage of a bill
  21. What is a joint committee?
    Committee with both houses
  22. What is a conference committee?
    • Special joint
    • Reconcile 2 versions of a bill
  23. What is annual authorization legislation?
    Bill that grants money that doesn't become availbe unless apporiated
  24. Describe logrolling
    • Vote trading
    • Done to obtain passage of actions to interest each member
    • Usually decisions are made when both bills can be passed and brings benefits to their home dostrict
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