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    • Amendment process of constitution
    • 2/3 congress vote 3/4 state vote
  1. Qualifications for senate
    30 years old, us citizen for 9 years, live in state you run for...6 year term
  2. Qualifications for rep
    25 years old citizen for 7 years...2 year term
  3. Qualifications for prez
    35 years old, born in us citizen for 14 years...10 years term
  4. Incorporation
    Forcing states to follow const
  5. Selective incorporation*
    • Forcing states to follow const in case by case manner
    • Most but not all of the protections in the bor are made applicable to the states through the 14 amendment
  6. Equal protection clause
    14th amendment no state can deny somone equal protection under law
  7. Title 9
    Prohibits gender discrimination of educational institutions or sporting scholorships
  8. Thomas hobbs
    Gov't is to save people from themselves
  9. Legislative checks balances
    Override veto/impeach prez/justices, senate confirms meetings
  10. Executive checks
    Prez veto/appoints judges
  11. Judicial checks
    Judicial reveiw
  12. Incumbent
    Person who holds offics
  13. Emminent domain
    State power to take private priperty for public use with just compensation
  14. Mccain feingold act
    Outlaws soft money, name 60 days before election, made pacs and super pacs, $ given to party must be individual or PACs
  15. Necessary and proper clayus
    Congress passes any law the want to fullfil enumerated piwers weakens 10 amendment
  16. Full faith and credit cluase
    States honor other state laws and juducial proceengs of other states
  17. Frustrations with gov
    Hard to get things done, lack of awarness of what gov does, dicontent with economy, and high expectaions not met
  18. shays rebellion
    Gov needed strong nat gov, proved AOC didn't work, group of farmers in mass. Needed strong military
  19. Judicial review
    Review of const of a legislative act...sc declares something unconst
  20. New fed
    Gives administrative powers back to the states, prez reagan started it, block grants are an example
  21. Powers given to states
    Education, marriage, police force, voting regulations
  22. Preemption
    Nat gov tries to pass law preventing a state from making that law
  23. Nullification
    When states try to override nat law
  24. Funded mandate
    Americans with disabilities act
  25. Unfunded mandate
    NCLB act
  26. Enumerated powers
    Foriegn affairs, military, immigration, interstate commerce
  27. Democracy
    Gov gives power to people wither directly of through reps
  28. Oligarchy
    Gov where the right to participate is conditioned on wealth, social statue, or military position
  29. Aristocracy
    Gov held by nobilities
  30. Monarchy
    King/ queen gov
  31. Crticisms with sep of powers
    Hard to get things done,not very decisive, hard for gov to act quickley
  32. How can congress overturn a SC decision
    Propose const amendments to overturn judicial decisions with 2/3 maj vote by both houses and rat of 3/4 of states. Amend the constitution
  33. Block grant
    Grant with few strings attached
  34. Catagorical grant
    Grant for a specific purpose
  35. Elite thory
    Small group of key gov leaders that rule gov
  36. pluralist theory
    People with some beliefs will come together
  37. Aristotle
    Natural law
  38. Great compromise
    House and senate
  39. Census
    Count people every 10 years, detarmines # of reps/districts, determines # of electors grants
  40. Why pick vp
    Balance out ticket
  41. Establishment clause
    Gov can't make nat religion
  42. Free excercersie clause
    Gov can;t prohibit religion
  43. Fed paper 10
    Factions (political parties/interest groups)
  44. Fed papers 39
    Lays out plan for having strong nat gov but still giving power to state
  45. Fed papers 45
    Why prez won't be like a king
  46. Fed papers 51
    Explains how sep of powers will work
  47. Groups of people who vote in low #
    Young, minorities, poor/ uneducated
  48. Weakness of art of confed
    No power to tax(state soverignty) no executive branch,amendments to articles required consent of all states no court system
  49. Political socialization
    Political beliefs passed on by parents/events
  50. Principals of the constitution
    Fed(shared power of state and fed gov) supremacy clause( in case of dispute, nat gov always wins) sep of powers (each branch of gov will have certain things that only it can do) checks and balances( each branch will be able to make sure no branch gets too powerful)
  51. Civil rights
    Gov does to stop dicrimination
  52. Civil liberties
    Right and feeedoms in BOR
  53. Limits under free speech
    Direct insightment, clear and presnt danger, bad tendency
  54. Articles of the const
    • 1 leg
    • 2 exec
    • 3 judge
    • 4 federalism
    • 5 amendment process
    • 6 supremacy clause
    • 7 ratification of the const
  55. PAC*
    • Political action committee
    • Officially registered fundraising committee that represents interest groups
  56. Voter turnout
    Little over 1/2
  57. Caucus
  58. Primary
    Secret ballot
  59. Open primarary
    Can vote on either party
  60. Closed primary
    No split ticket
  61. Criticisms of primary
    Iowa and NH have too much say
  62. Federal system
    How power is divided, things local gov't can't do, were not common is old days
  63. What is popular soverighty?
    The right of the majority to govern themsleves
  64. what is a cross over?
    • Unrelated strings attached to great funding to states by national gov
    • Road $=new drunk driving standard
    • Bridge $=asbestos removed
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