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  1. juxtapose
    to compare side to side
  2. insidious
    intending to entrap
  3. primitive
    being the first/earliest of its kind or in existence
  4. abolish
    to get rid of
  5. behoove
    to be necessasry or proper for
  6. gaily
  7. vindictive
    inclined to take revenge
  8. petulance
    something that causes irritation; sullenness
  9. attune
    to ring into accord or harmony
  10. scrutiny
    close surveillance; examination
  11. consensus
    general agreement
  12. biography
    a written account of another person's life
  13. commemorate
    to celebrate in memory of a poeron or even
  14. moratorium
    a susponsion of activity
  15. concede
    to acknowledge as true, just, or proper
  16. ingenious
    very smart; clever
  17. harness
    to bring under conditions for effective use
  18. entrench
    establish firmly and soldily
  19. shroud
    to hide
  20. amnesia
    loss of a large block of memory
  21. utter
    • (adj) complete; total; absolute
    • (v) to say
  22. edify
    to instruct or benefit
  23. durable
    enduring; lasting
  24. confront
    to oppose
  25. profound
    penetrating or enetering deeply into subjects of thought and knowledge
  26. era
    period of time
  27. outright
    complete; total
  28. prolong
    to lengthen in time
  29. commemorate
    to celebrate in memory of a person or event
  30. moratorium
    a suspension of activity
  31. tolerate
    to condone; to be lenient towards
  32. empathize
    to feel sorry for; to have understanding feelings for
  33. circumscribe
    to encircle; to draw a line around
  34. obligation
    requirement to a duty
  35. critique
    detailed evaluation
  36. resonance
    prolongation of sound; reverbation
  37. anecdote
    a short story of an amusing event
  38. subtle
    fine or delicate in meaning; difficult to perceive
  39. objective
  40. bequest
    disposition in a will
  41. hierarchal
    belonging in rank
  42. industrious
    diligent; working energetically
  43. dislodge
    to remove with force
  44. indulge
    to yield to an inclination or desire
  45. usurp
    to seize ad hold a position of power
  46. embellish
    to adorn
  47. cultivate
    to grow; to urture
  48. huckster
    retailer of small articles, esp fruis and veggies
  49. solicit
    to seek something by request
  50. colloquial
    involving conversation; conversing
  51. threshold
    any place or point of beginning
  52. dismay
  53. vigorous
    strong; active
  54. plight
    an unfavorable condition or state
  55. sincerity
    earnestness; enuiness
  56. surreptitious
  57. antagonism
    active hostility or oppoisition
  58. edifice
    a building
  59. phenomena
    a rare or supernatural occurrence
  60. miser
    materialistic person; one who hoards money greedily
  61. connoisseur
    person who is welllearned in a specific subject
  62. imperceptible
    very slight or subtle; unnoticeable
  63. cajole
    to coax; to flatter
  64. astute
    keen; wise
  65. coridal
    friendly; polite
  66. conciliatory
    apologetic; seeking to make amends
  67. mendacious
    untruthful; dishonest
  68. ambivalence
    mixture of contradictory feelings
  69. surpass
    to go beyond expectations
  70. congenial
    friendly; suitable; pleasing
  71. monologue
    prolonged speech by a single speaker
  72. foresight
    abiliy to see the future
  73. nostalgia
    wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time
  74. capricious
    random; fickle
  75. loquacious
  76. mitige
    to lessen in force or intensity
  77. culminate
    to reach the highest point or summit
  78. melodious
    harmonious in sound
  79. maraud
    to roam about in search of plunder
  80. reconcile
    to make amends
  81. inherent
    inborn; innate
  82. kinship
    family relationship
  83. hypothetical
    existing only in theory
  84. idiosyncracy
    eccetricity; oddity specific to a person
  85. preeminence
    state of being superior to or suprassing
  86. prudence
    caution with regard to practical matters; discretion
  87. dictum
    a saying
  88. respite
    a short break
  89. equiocate
    to use ambiguous or unclear expressions
  90. viable
    vivid; real; stimulating
  91. supercilious
    haughtily disdainful or contemptuous
  92. aspersion
    a damaging or derogatory remark
  93. perfidy
    treachery; deliberate breach of faith/trust
  94. obtrusive
    having a tendency to force one's opinions on nanother
  95. irrefutable
    undeniable; unchangeable
  96. palpable
    easily and plainly seen
  97. diaphanous
    very sheer and light; almost transparent
  98. variegate
    to give variety to
  99. dilettante
    one who takes up an art, activity or subject for amusement
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