Ecology (4)

  1. 1) Identify an environmental problem 
    2) Gather scientific information 
    3) Propose one or more solutions
    4) Project the short and long term environmental advantages and disadvantages of each solution 
    5) Decide on and implement a solution 
    6) Evaluate the consequences 
    7) Revise decisions as needed
    What are the steps in making an environmental decisions?
  2. Because Chattanooga went from being a highly polluted city to one of the most sustainable and livable in the US
    Why is Chattanooga in the book?
  3. 1) Dirty air
    2) Tennessee River
    3) Toxic waste
    4) Abandonment, unemployment and crime
    What were Chattanooga's 4 main problems the city leaders focused on correcting?
  4. 1) Reliance on solar energy 
    2) Biodiversity 
    3) Nutrient control
    4) Population control
    What are the 4 scientific principles of sustainability?
  5. 50 years no more than 100 years
    How many years do scientist predict we have to correct the above?
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Ecology (4)
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