1. a jury is sworn to
    decide on the facts
  2. who usually decides which reporter works in a particular court
    presiding judge
  3. when a reporter has difficulty understanding a witness, they should ask the
    witness to repeat what they said
  4. when a reporter leaves the field of employment her/his untranscribed notes should be
    given to the clerk of the court
  5. in the citation format 36 NW 5th 67
    36 is the volume number
  6. when a reporter marks an x-ray exhibit, they should use a
    grease pencil
  7. when an attorney says "off the record: during a court trial, the reporter should
    seek permission from the judge to go off the record
  8. If an interpreter is present, he is
    sworn in before the witness
  9. usually when two or more attorneys are making statements at the same time the reporter should
    ask the attorneys to speak one at a time
  10. during a lengthy trial, the reporter should keep a separate information sheet listing the marked exhibits and all
    witnesses and technical terminology involved in the case
  11. a pretrial deposition is taken by means of a
    • +court order
    • +agreement of parties
    • + notice of deposition
  12. closing arguments by the attorneys are called
  13. order in the courtroom is maintained by the
  14. a defendantt in a criminal case may plead
    guilty, not guilty, nolo contendere
  15. if a deponent does not sign a deposition he/she
    waives rights to review the transcript
  16. when a criminal case is appealed, the two parties are derived from
    appellant and the State
  17. In federal court and many other courts, exhibits during a court trial are in the temporary custody of the
    clerk of the court
  18. The constitutional amendment that forbids cruel and unusual punishment
  19. The U.S. Supreme Court was created by the
  20. When a judge stays a case, he/she
    suspends the case
  21. If a person waives objections in a deposition, he/she answers all questions, but
    waits for the judge to rule prior to and during trial
  22. A court reporter who reproduces copies of exhibits
    may charge extra for the copies
  23. A judge's response to an inquiry from the jury is
    • +placed in writing
    • +read into the record
    • +marked as an exhibit
  24. A possible source to use to research a street in a distant city is the
    Zip Code Directory
  25. A reporter would find a Prayer for Relief in the
  26. The fifth amendment of the Constitution
    prevents double jeopardy and self-incrimination
  27. To Invoke the Rule means
    witnesses must leave the courtroom during the testimony of other witnesses
  28. Usual stipulations mean that the deposition may be used
    under both state or federal laws governing U.S. courts
  29. If other people attend a deposition in addition to the attorneys and witnesses
    their names are recorded
  30. The jury is shown
    all exhibits admitted into evidence
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