Entymology 3

  1. dis
    away, away from, apart from, reversal of, opposite of
  2. disperse
    to break up and scatter
  3. distaste
    an objection or aversion to a certain taste; also used figuratively to mean not liking something
  4. extraterrestrial
    outside the earth's atmosphere
  5. extrovert
    an outgoing person who prefers to be around many people
  6. ex
    out, out of, away from, formerly
  7. expurgate
    to remove erroneous or objectionable material from a book before publication
  8. excommunicate
    to officially deny membership in a church
  9. in
    in, into, not
  10. incognito
    having a disguised or concealed idenity
  11. inculate
    to instill or impress something in others minds through repetition; indoctrinate
  12. inconvertible
    not questionable; impossible to argue about
  13. inter
    between, among
  14. interpolate
    to insert between parts; to interject into a conversation or a text
  15. interdependent
    equally and mutually dependent (each part relies on the other part)
  16. intra, intro
    within, into
  17. intramural
    occurring within an institution, especially a school
  18. introspection
    self-examination (of a soul or life)
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