English Vocab (absurd - catharsis)

  1. Drama of the Absurd
    a type of drama, allied to comedy, radically non-realistic in both content and presentation, that emphasizes the absurdity, emptiness, or meaningliness of life
  2. accent
    the same as "stress", a syllable given more prominence in pronunciation than its neighbors
  3. allegory
    narrative or description that has a second meaning beneath the surface, the ulterior meanings belong to a pre-existing system
  4. alliteration
    • repetition at close intervals of the initial consonant sounds of accented syllables
    • (map-moon, kill-code, preach-approve)
  5. allusion
    reference to something in previous literature or history
  6. anapest
    • metrical foot consisting of two unaccented syllables, followed by an accented on 
    • (un-der-stand)
  7. anapestic meter
    meter in which a majority of the feet are anapests
  8. anaphora
    repetition of an opening word or phrase in a series of lines
  9. antagonist
    • any force in a story that is in conflict with the protagonist
    • not always another person
  10. apostrophe
    figure of speech in which someone absent or dead or something nonhuman is addressed as if it were alive and present
  11. approximate rhyme (imperfect rhyme)
    words in a rhyming pattern that have some kind of sound correspondence but are not perfect rhymes
  12. artistic unity
    condition of a successful literary work whereby all of its elements work together for the achievement of its central purpose
  13. aside
    brief speech in which a character turns from the person being addressed to speak directly to the audience
  14. assonance
    • repetition at close intervals of the vowel sounds of accented syllables or important words 
    • (hat-ran-amber)
  15. aubude
    • poem about dawn
    • morning love song
    • poem about the parting of lovers at dawn
  16. ballad
    fairly sort narrative poem written in a songlike stanza form
  17. blank verse
    unrhymed iambic pentameter
  18. cacophony
    harsh, discordant, unpleasant-sounding choice and arrangement of sounds
  19. caesura
    speech pause occurring within a line
  20. catharsis
    term used by aristotle to describe some sort of emotional release experienced by the audience at the end of a successful tragedy
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English Vocab (absurd - catharsis)
English Vocab (absurd - catharsis)