Stupid dumb chemistry stuff that I hate

  1. Chemical bond
    holds together atoms forming a stable molecule or compound
  2. Types of chemical bonds
    • Covalent (sharing electrons in the valent shell)
    • Ionic (one atom takes electrons from the other to fill it's valent shell and the two are held together with polarity or something)
  3. Energy is
    the capacity to do work
  4. Chemical reactions are
    • making and breaking bonds between atoms
    • the basis of all living processes
  5. Enzymes are
    • catalysts: They reduce the amount of energy required for a reaction to occur
    • not consumed through the chemical reaction they catalyze
  6. Inorganic molecules
    • usually lack carbon
    • are smaller molecules
    • E.G. H2O CO2 O2 NaCl
  7. Organic compounds
    • Contain C atoms in chans or rings
    • Bigger than inorganic molecules
    • held together with covalent bonds
  8. Examples of organic compounds
    • carbohydrates
    • lipids
    • proteins
    • nucleic acids including ATP
  9. Acids
    • have H
    • when dissolved, the H makes the water acidic
    • Lower than 7 on the ph scale
    • Our stomach linings produce H
  10. bases
    • have OH
    • when dissolved the OH makes the water more basic
    • higher than 7 is basic on the ph scale
  11. salts
    • act as electrolytes in solution (carry electrical current)
    • don't have H or OH
  12. when an acid and a base react, the products are
    salt and water
  13. ph scale
    • 0-6 is acidic
    • 8-14 is basic
    • 7 is neutral

    • measures how much H (acidity) a substance has
    • a change in ph in our bodies can seriously eff us up.
  14. the ph of blood plasma must be
    between 7.35 and 7.45. or you die.
  15. Carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system
    • Carbonic anhydraze (enzyme)
    • CO2 + H2O <--> H2CO3 (carbonic acid) <--> H+ + HCO3+(bicarbonate ion)
  16. Something that dissolves in water, like oxygen, glucose or any ionic compound is
    hydrophillic because they are polar
  17. lipids don't dissolve in water because
    they are non-polar so are hydrophobic
  18. water molecules stick together through
    cohesion (SURFACE TENSION!!!!!!)
  19. Reactions that break down macromolecules into monomers are
  20. reactions that build macromolecules out of monomers are
  21. polymers are
    molecules made of lots of monomers strung together
  22. the sum of all anabolic and catabolic reactions in the body is
  23. an anabolic reaction that in which 'water' is removed from the reactants so they can bond together
    dehydration synthesis
  24. the opposite of dehydration synthesis
    hydolysis (lit. cutting that s*** up with some muthafuggin H2O!)
  25. Carbohydrates
    • sugars, starch, glycogen, cellulose
    • made of H O and C
  26. Monosaccharides
    • glucose
    • fructose
    • galactose
  27. disaccharides
    • monosaccharides bonded together in different combinations
    • lactose (glucose and galactose)
    • sucrose (glucose and fructose)
    • maltose (glucose and glucose)
  28. polysaccharides
    a bunch of monosaccharides chained together through dehydration synthesis
  29. photosynthesis and cellular respiration
    6CO2 + 6H2o <--> C6H12O6 + 602
  30. Shoot me in the face
    shut up and learn chemistry you big baby.
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