Research methods

  1. Null hypothesis:
    States there is no difference between conditions (e.g. Gender does not effect driving ability).
  2. —Alternative hypothesis:
    states there is a difference between conditions (e.g. Gender does effect driving ability).
  3. —Type 1 error:
    if we reject the null in favour of the alternative even though the findings are actually due to chance.
  4. —Type 2 error:
    We might retain the null hypothesis even though the alternative is actually correct.
  5. A statistical test:
    • Various formulae that enable researchers
    • To analyse and compare the data produced in their studies. A statistical test produces a statistic that can be assessed, using tables of significance to see if the data fit (or do not fit) the hypothesis.
  6. Testing data
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  7. Level of significance
    is not given assume 0.05. they may ask you to work to a different level of significance.
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