ClinMedV:Diseases of the Urinary System(Basics pg 1-3)

  1. Name some functions of the urinary system:W/E,E,B,S
    • water and electrolyte balance
    • excrete waste
    • blood pressure control
    • stimulates RBC production
  2. How can the urinary sytem have an effect on anemia?
    not producing enough erythropoetin
  3. What is the filtration unit?
    glomeruli in the cortex
  4. Blood enters capillaries in the _.
  5. Concentration/absortion/exchange occurs where?
    nephron loops in medulla
  6. Name a mineralcorticoid secreted by the adrenal gland.
  7. What affect does aldosterone have on the kidney?
    inc NA resorption from distal nephron
  8. What effect does ADH do?
    inc H2O resorption in distal tubule
  9. What two hormones are secreted by the kidneys?ER
    • erythropoetin
    • renin
  10. What does erythropoeitin do?
    stimulates RBC production in bones
  11. What does renin do?
    start the angiotensin aldosterone system
  12. Angiotensin II is what?
    a very potent vasconstrictor
  13. What does angiotensin do?
    stimuate aldosterone secretion
  14. Is BUN high or low in kidney dz?
  15. BUN is the end product of what?
    protein metabolism in the liver
  16. How much BUN is reabsorbed by tubules for reexcretion?
  17. What do BUN levels evaluate?
    glomerular filtration and function
  18. What can BUN be falsely elevated by?PFS
    • protein inc in diet
    • fever
    • steroids
  19. BUN is low in what dz?
    liver dz
  20. Creatinine is high or low with kidney dz?
  21. Which test is the most helpful with kidney dz?
  22. Creatinine is the byproduct of what?
    muscle metabolism
  23. What does creatinine evaluate?
    glomerular function
  24. Elevated creatinine values are usually found....
    in heavily muscled breeds
  25. polyuria
    increased volume
  26. pollakiuria
    increased frequency
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