1. This is the electrical Force that causes electrons to move from one atom to another..?
  2. Volts=?
    Hint: Circle sliced into thirds
  3. Also Known as Amps, this is the measure of the rate of electron flow through material and is measured in amperes or amps
    Current aka Amps (I)
  4. This refers to the current, measured in amps, that a conductor can carry continuously under the conditions of use without exceeding its temperature rating?
  5. Electrical Resistance is measured in these units and called this...
    OHMS (R)
  6. Power is also known and measured in this form of unit?
  7. Watts(V)(VA)(W)=?

    • E=Volts
    • I=AMps
  8. Amps(I)=how many _____ per second?
  9. Volts(E)= How much ____ each electron is under?
    How much FORCE each electron is under.
  10. Watts(P)(VA)(W)=?
    Power (P)
  11. Ohms(R)= _______ to electrical Current?
    RESISTANCE to electrical current
  12. Calculate Total General Lighting load in AMPS(I)?
    • 3 VA * Calculated Square Foot Area
    • ----------------------------------------
    •                   120 Volts(E)
  13. Calculating Min # of Amp Circuits (Either 15 or 20)
    Total General Lighting (TGL) load= (3va*total sq.ft)/120)

    • TGL                 or             TGL
    • ------                            ---------
    • 15amps                           20 Amps
  14. A minimum of _____ 20 amp rated small appliance branch circuits are required in each house.
    -2 minimum.

    Must be computed @ 1500 VA's for each 2 wire small appliance branch circuit

    Min of 2 x 1500 VA = 3,000 VA
  15. A minimum of _____ 20 amp rated Laundry branch circuit is required in each house?
  16. Atleast _______ 20 amp rated bathroom branch circuit is required in each house?
  17. Individual Branch Circuits do what
    • Supply only one piece of electrical equipment such as:
    • Range, Clothes Dryer, Dishwasher, Refrig.
  18. In all areas (excluding Kitchen and Bath) receptacles must be installed so that no point measured horizontally along floor line there is more than _____ ft from a receptacle outlet?
  19. For each 12" of counter space in kitchen you must have atleast ______ receptacles?
  20. In kitchen and dinning areas receptacle outlets must be installed so that no point along the wall line is more than ______" away from a receptacle outlet.
  21. In Bathrooms one receptacle must be installed adjacent to and within ____" or _____ft, of the sink?
    -36" or 3ft.
  22. For a one-family dwelling and each unit of a two family dwelling that is grade level, at least ______ number of receptacles are required at both _____ and _____
    • 1
    • Front and Back
  23. This is a safety device designed to automatically open and close a circuit
    Circuit Breaker
  24. A path through which electricity flows from a source to one or more devices is?
    A Circuit
  25. A material, such as copper, that permits the flow of electricity; usually refers to a wire.?
    A Conductor
  26. The overhead service conductors between the last utility pole and the first point of attachment to the house is?
    Service Drop
  27. Main distribution box that recieves the electricity and distributes it to the various branch points in the house through branch circuits is?
    Service Panel
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