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  1. enlightenment (budda)
    in buddhism a sate of perfect wisdom in which one understands basic truths about the universe.
  2. dynasty
    a series of rulers from a single family
  3. hundred years war
    a conflict in hich england and france battled on frech soil on and off for a 100 years.
  4. house of wisdom
    a center of learning established in baghdad
  5. holy roman empire
    empire established in europe in 10th centrary
  6. hajj
    pilgrimage to mecca. duty by muslims
  7. gupta empire
    the second empire in india founded by chandra gupta
  8. green revolution
    20th century attempt to increase food resouces worldwide. inolving the use of fertilzers and pesticides and the devlopment of disease-resistant crops
  9. great purge
    a campign of terror in the sovient union during the 1930s in which joseph stalin sought to eliminate all communist party members and other citizens who treatened his power.
  10. gloriouse revolution
    bloodless overthrow of the english king james 2
  11. ghana
    a west african kingdom that grew rich from taxing and controlling trade and that established an empire
  12. federal system
    a system of government in which power is divided between a cenral authority and a number of individual states.
  13. fascism
    a political movement that promotes an extreme form of nationalism. a denial of indivdual rights and a dictatorial one party rule.
  14. enlightenment
    euopean movemnet in which thinkers attempted to apply the principles of reason and there scientific method to all aspects of society
  15. domino theory
    the idea that if a nation falls under communist control nearby nations will also fall under communist ruel
  16. divine right
    the idea that monarchs are gods representativs
  17. d day
    allies began their invasion of the european mianland during world war 2
  18. czar
    russian emperor
  19. belin conference
    a meeting at eruopean nations agreed apon how africa were to e colonized
  20. battle of midway
    sea and air battle of wolrd war 2 in which american forces defeated japanese forces in the central pacific
  21. balance of powers
    a political situations in which no one nation is powerful engought to pose a threat to others.
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