1. Where is the practice of Islam most popular?
    in Northern Africa, South West Asia, and Jakarta
  2. How has population changed over the years?
    it increased tremendously by billions of people
  3. How is the US a large example of cultural convergence?
    bc we have lots of different people with cultures coming in from other countries
  4. How has landscape influenced human settlement?
    some places dont have the correct natural resources and some terrain and weather is too bad
  5. What would happen in the next hundred years if we had a massive increase in human population?
    less food, less space, more chance of disease...
  6. what kind of govt do we have?
  7. Why has Poland not been able to keep its sovereignty?
    bc they were being pushed by other countries for their natural resources.
  8. What is an example of diffusion?
    spread of Christianity from Europe to America
  9. why arent people evenly distributed?
    bc natural resources cant provide for humans
  10. Why is the population rapidly increasing?
    new medical care, increase in food supply and technology
  11. most countries used to be what?
  12. what economy system is when the govt owns some of the means of production, the rest of the people do
    mixed economy
  13. What is an example of a cultural convergence?
    bc America was a British colony, we speak English
  14. like socialism, includes elements of market and command economies
    mixed economy
  15. controlled by a single, central govt and decisions are made to achieve political or social govt
    command economy
  16. individuals and groups have a great deal of freedom and decisions are influenced by the "laws of supply and demand"
    market economy
  17. nearly all goods and services produced by people are consumed by their own families or villages
    traditional economy
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