MGC1 Chapter 5

  1. Total Quality Management
    is an integrated organizational effort designed to improve quality at every level
  2. customer-defined quality
    meeting qualityexpectations as defined by the customer
  3. Conformance to specifications
    measures how well the product or servicemeets the targets and tolerances determined by its designers
  4. Fitness for use
    focuses on how well the product performs its intended functionor use
  5. Value for price paid
    is a definition of quality that consumers often use for product or service usefulness.
  6. Support Services
    is provided are often how the quality of a product or service is judged.
  7. Psychological criteria
    defining quality that focuses on judgmental evaluations of what constitutes product or service excellence.
  8. conformance
    the degree to which a product characteristic meets preset standards
  9. prevention Cost
    are all costs incurred in the process of preventing poor quality from occurring.
  10. appraisal Cost
    are incurred in the process of uncovering defects.
  11. Internal Failure Cost
    are associated with discovering poor product quality before the product reaches the customer site.
  12. External Failure Cost
    are associated with quality problems that occur at the customer site
  13. Benchmarking
    Studying the business practices of other companies for purposes of comparison
  14. Quality Of Circle
    A team of volunteer production employees and their supervisors who meet regularly to solve quality problems.
  15. control charts
    Charts used to evaluate whether a process is operating within set expectations.
  16. scatter diagrams
    graphs that show how twovariables are related to eachothe
  17. Pareto analysis
    is a technique used to identify quality problems based on their degree of importance.
  18. Histogram
    is a chart that shows the frequency distribution of observed values of a variable.
  19. Quality function deployment (QFD)
    A tool used to translate the preferences of the customer into specific technical requirements.
  20. Deming Prize
    A Japanese award given to companies to recognize efforts in quality improvement.
  21. ISO9000
    A set of international quality standards and a certification demonstrating that companies have met all the standards specified.
  22. Malcolm BaldrigeNational Quality Award
    • An award given annually to companies that demonstrate quality excellence and establish best-practice standards in industry.
    • categories
    • leadership
    • strategic planning
    • Customer & market focus
    • Information & analysis 
    • human resource focus
    • process management
    • business results
  23. ISO 4000
    A set of international standards and a certification focusing on a company’s environmental responsibility
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MGC1 Chapter 5
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