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  1. which ones are non verbal
    Eye Contact
    all of them
  2. lest than one year in jail
  3. Six moral principles, sometimes called ethical principles, are accepted as guides to right action that should be respected unless there is a compelling moral reason not to do so
    • 1.Beneficence—goodness; actions that bring about good are considered right
    • 2.Nonmaleficence—no evil; an obligation not to inflict harm
    • 3.Veracity—truth; an obligation to tell the truth
    • 4.Fidelity—faithfulness; an obligation to be loyal or faithful
    • 5.Justice—fairness; an obligation to act with equity
    • 6.Autonomy—self-determination; respecting the independence of others and acting with self- reliance
  4. False imprisonment is
    the unjustifiable detention of a person against his and/or her will.
  5. Battery is defined as
    unlawful touching of a person without consent.
  6. unlawful touching of a person without consent.
  7. Ageisma is
    discriminatory attitude toward the elderly that includes a belief that all elderly are ill, disabled, worthless, and unattractive.
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