Chapter 5 skin

  1. What us the outer layer of the skin?
  2. What is the epithelium of the epidermis?
    stratified squamous
  3. What is the cell type of the epidermis?
  4. What are the two products of keratinocytes & their functions?
    • 1) keratin: resist abrasion
    • 2) glycolipid: waterproof the skin
  5. Where is think skin found?
    everywhere except for palms, finger pads, and soles of feet
  6. Where is thick skin found?
    palms, fingerpads, & soles of feet
  7. What are the layers of thin skin?
    • 1. Stratum corneum
    • 2. Stratum granulosum
    • 3. Stratum spinosum
    • 4. Stratum basale
  8. What are the layers for thick skin?
    • Stratum corneum
    • Stratum lucidum
    • Stratum granulosum
    • Stratum spinosum
    • Stratum basale
  9. We renew are skin from start to finish every ___ days.
  10. What is the function of melanin?
    absorbs ultraviolet radiation that can damage DNA of mitosing keratinocytes
  11. What are the 3 types of skin cancer?
    • basal cell carinonma: tumor of keratinocytes
    • squamous cell carinonma: tumor of keratinocytes
    • melanoma: tumor of melanocytes
  12. What is the Merkel cell?
    sensory receptor that triggers merkel tactile disc in dermal papillae for light touch
  13. Describe Langerhans cells
    macrophages: engulf bacteria & kill with lysosomal enzymes
  14. Where do we find the merkel cell?
    stratum basale
  15. where do we find langerhans cell?
    stratum spinosum
  16. What is the middle layer of the skin?
  17. What are the 2 regions of the dermis?
    • Papillary: 15%
    • Reticular: 85%
  18. What is the Meissner corpuscle?
    sensory receptor wrapped around sensory nerve
  19. Where is the Meissner corpuscle found?
    in dermal papillae
  20. What us the pacinian corpuscle?
    sensory nerve for deep pressure
  21. Where is the pacinian corpuscle found?
    in reticular region of the dermis
  22. What are the functions of the dermal papillae?
    • creates dermal ridges= finger prints
    • bare nerve endings for hot/cold and pain
    • merkel= tactile disc sensory nerve for merkel cell found in dermal papillae
  23. What are the cell products doing in the Stratum basale?
  24. What happens in the stratum spinosum?
    making keratin & gylcolipids
  25. What happens to the keratinocytes in the stratum granulosum?
    keratinocytes dying due to lack of 02/nutrients
  26. What happens to the keratinocytes in the stratum corneum?
    keratinocytes are dead
  27. Where are the skin appendages found?
    reticular part of the dermis
  28. What are the skin appendages?
    • sweat glands
    • hair follicles
    • sebaceous gland
  29. What is the latin word for hair?
  30. When does the hair die?
    when it leaves the bulb
  31. Hair matrix if contained of what?
    keratinocytes & melanocytes
  32. What is the function of hair papilla?
    • pushes up to hair matrix 
    • blood capillaries bring o/nutrients
  33. Descrive vellus hair
    • childhood
    • fine/thin
    • not much oil needed
  34. describe terminal hair
    • adulthood
    • thicker
    • needs lots of sebum
  35. sebacecous gland is what type of exocrine gland?
    holocrine: cells fill with oil then burst
  36. what is the hormone at puberty?
  37. 3 functions of the hormone androgen
    • triggers terminal hair production
    • triggers increase in sebum production
    • triggers the stratum corneum to thicken
  38. ares with hairless follicles are?
    • face
    • chest
    • back
  39. if there is a back up of sebum in pore it is called?
    a white head
  40. if oil reaches surface & oxygen oxidizes it is called?
    a blackhead
  41. if bacteria enters to thrive in sebum & then WBCs enter to kill with lysosmals; which irratates pus is called?
    inflammation acne
  42. what are the 2 types of sweat glans?
    • eccrine
    • apocrine
  43. describe eccrine
    • small, empty on skin surface
    • almost everywhere
  44. describe apocrine
    • huge, empty into nearby hair follicle
    • show up at puberty
    • found in axillary & anogenital regions
  45. 4 functions of eccrine
    • evaporating cooling: exothermic reaction that releases heat
    • creating acid mantle: due to vitamin c & lactic acide
    • excretes heavy metals: lead & mercury
    • excretes urea: kidney waste products
  46. 3 functions of apocrine
    • secrete pheromones: hormones that attract opposite sex
    • secrete fatty acids & proteins
    • bacteria use as diet & produce waste= armpit odor
  47. what is the 3rd layer of skin?
  48. 2 main parts of hypodermis
    • adipose
    • large blood vessels
  49. what are the functions of skin?
    • protection
    • body temperature
    • cutaneous sensation
    • metabolic function
    • blood reservoir
    • waste/ toxin excretion
  50. what are the chemical barriers?
    • skin secretions 
    • melanin
    • natural antibiotic
  51. what are the physical barriers?
    • continuity
    • hardness
    • waterproofing
  52. what are the biological barriers?
    langerhans cells
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