Guidelines, Precautions, and Contraindications for Stretching

  1. Guideline: Review history
  2. Guideline: ROM measurements
  3. Guideline: Pain
  4. Guideline: Tissues involved, Joint Play
  5. Guideline: Which stage of healing
  6. Guideline: MMT
  7. Guideline: Goals
  8. Guideline: Heat area before stretch
  9. Guideline: Slowly through ROM to restriction
  10. Guideline: Hold proximal and distal to joint to be stretched
  11. Guideline: Stabilize proximal segment
  12. Guideline: Stretch one joint at a time, proximal first
  13. Guideline: Isometric contraction of tight muscle to inhibit it (8-10 sec)
  14. Guideline: Apply gentle traction to joint
  15. Guideline: Hold 30-60 sec and lengthen as able
  16. Guideline: Gradual Release
  17. Guideline: Cool in a Lengthened Position
  18. Precautions
    • Do not force beyond normal ROM
    • Newly healed fractures require care
    • Osteoporosis
    • Elderly
    • Avoid vigorous stretching of muscles and CT that have been immobilized
    • Progress dosage gradually
    • Make sure pain from stretch lasts less than 24 hours
    • Avoid stretching edematous tissue
    • Avoid over stretching weak muscles
  19. Contraindications
    • Bony block
    • Recent fractures
    • Acute inflammation/infection in joint
    • Sharping/acute painĀ with movement
    • Hematoma or trauma
    • Selective shortening
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Guidelines, Precautions, and Contraindications for Stretching
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