CH 1-4 Organizations (Nursing)

  1. PROMOTES NATIONAL association, Improving standards of practice, seeking higher status and providing INTERNATIONAL POWER BASE for nurses.
    ICN (International Counsil)
  2. A part of the ICN, Improve standards and availability of HLTHcare, foster higher standards and promote development and general economic welfare of nurses
    ANA (American Nurses Association
  3. Consider issues of importance to nursing students such as career development and prep for licensure.
    NSNA (National Student Nursing Association
  4. DOH protects, promote, and improve HLTH of all Floridians through STATE, COUNTY, and COMMUNITY efforts.
    FBON(Florida Board of Nursing)
  5. Essential Baccalaureate Education of Professional nursing-delineates(describes) essential requirements for BSN-RN and gives guidance on curriculum ****More Qualified Nurses
    AACN(American Association of College Nursing)
  6. A voice for change, to serve support all florida RNs through professional development, advocacy and promotion of excellence at every level of professional nursing practice
    Florida Nurses Association
  7. It gives the profession the incentive to be...transformational leaders, structural  empowerment, exemplary practice(autonomy), New knowledge, innovation & Improvement, Emperical quality outcomes.
    Magnet Program
  8. Forces nurses to build knowledge and understand it, learn new technology. It helps create competencies for safety protocol.
    QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses)
  9. What are the 6 competence of QSEN?
    Patient Centered, Safety, Collaboration and Team work, Quality Improvement, Informatics, Evidence Based Practice
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CH 1-4 Organizations (Nursing)
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