the family

  1. what is a family?
  2. Related or sexually expressive
    • Financially supporting one another
    • In an intimate and committed            relationship
  3. nuclear family?
    father, mother, and their children
  4. extended family?
    you, your partner, any children you may have, and other relatives who live in your household or nearby. (grandparents helping to care for grandchildren)
  5. Voluntary childless family
    a couple who decide not to have children
  6. family of origin
    • family tree(where it starts)
    • in which you are born to and raised
  7. family of procreation?
    family you establish if you have children of your own
  8. patriarchal family?
    father runs the house
  9. matriarchal family
    mother runs the house, is in charge
  10. gay/lesbian family?
    2 ppl of the same sex who are living together, having sex, and being mutually committed
  11. single parent family?
    a parent who may or may not have been married and has one or more children
  12. cohabiting famiy?
    2 ppl of the opposite sex who are living together and sharing sexual expression, and who are committed to their relationship without formal marriage.
  13. blended family?
    family formed with a widowed or divorced person with or without children, remarried another person who may or may not have been married before and who may or may not have children
  14. bi-nuclear family?
    original family divided into 2 families by divorce
  15. polygamous
    single family unit based on the marriage of one person to 2 or more mates
  16. polygynous family
    a man married to or more than one woman
  17. polyandrous
    a woman married 2 or more than one man,husband
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