CMST345 Quiz 4

  1. Relational maintenance
    relational maintenance involves keeping a relationship: in existence, in a state of connectedness, in satisfactory condition, in repair
  2. Maintenance strategies (list five)
    positivity, openness, assurances, social networks, sharing tasks
  3. positivity
    includes being cheerful and supportive, giving gifts or compliments, being upbeat when talking and avoiding criticism.
  4. openness
    includes self-disclosure, as well as explicitly discussing the relationship and sharing thoughts and feelings about relational problems. The smaller the number of taboo or off-limit topics, the greater the openness.
  5. Assurances
    Includes stressing love, support and commitment, implying the partners are faithful and the relationship has a future
  6. social networks
    includes involving family and friends in activities as well as sharing interconnected networks. social support contributes to relational stability because others are there to help
  7. sharing tasks
    includes jointly performing tasks and performing one's fair share of the work.
  8. Rituals (name 3)
    family celebrations, family traditions, patterned family interactions
  9. family celebrations
    often tied to cultural norms, include the way holidays are celebrated or that certain special events are recognized
  10. family traditions
    reflecting unique family occasions, embody patterns passed down by family-of-origin members
  11. patterned family interactions
    reflecting everyday connections, emerge out of increasingly patterned interactions usually developed implicitly
  12. Couple time (3 things)
    enjoyable activities, togetherness, escape episodes
  13. Indiosyncratic/Symbolic
    favorites, private codes, play rituals, celebrations
  14. Daily routines/tasks
    accomplishing everyday, mundane activities, tasks and chores
  15. Intimacy expressions
    involve physical, symbolic, verbal expressions of love, fondness, affection or sexual attraction.
  16. Communication
    couple talk time--phone calls, debriefing conversations, text messages
  17. Patterns/habits/mannerisms
    interactional, territorial and/or situational patterns. Eg. Sleeping on the same side of the bed.
  18. Spiritual
    Religious beliefs
  19. Ceremonials
    major rites of passage such as weddings, graduations, funerals
  20. Celebrations
    Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc.
  21. Chronicling
    talk about present events or those of the recent past, in which the communicator updates others by providing information about his/her life
  22. Confirming messages
    acknowledge the other person, affirm the other's communication by responding relevantly to it, reflects and accepts the other's self-experience and suggests a willingness to become involved with the other
  23. rejecting messages
    send the message "you do not exist"
  24. dialogue
    mutual exploration "what do you think?"
  25. acceptance
    when we feel acceptance even though we disagreed with, we do not feel tolerated; we feel loved. avoids judging one another
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