Large Animal I:Hoof wall layers and hoof care

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  1. What layer covers the coronary band?SFP
    semi flexible periople
  2. What layer is the growth and nutritional source for the hoof wall? This can be damaged easily and care should be taken when wrapping or bandaging.CB
    coronary band
  3. What layer provides vertical and horizontal elasticity and rigidity of the hoof wall?TH
    tubular horn
  4. What layer is inside the hoof wall and interdigitates with the sensitive laminae?EHL
    epidermal (horny) laminae
  5. What layer covers the coffin bone, is engorged with blood, has nerves, provides nutrients for the hoof, and interdigitates with the epidermal laminae?SCL
    sensitive (corium) laminae
  6. Together the laminae attach the skeleton (_) to the skin (_)
    coffin bone to the hoof wall
  7. What layer is the shock absorber?DC
    digital cushion
  8. When is cleaning ideally done
    once daily or before and after riding
  9. When is trimming done?
  10. What condition causes a fungal or bacterial infx of the commisers in the frog of the hoof?
  11. What bacteria causes thrush? FN
    Fusobacterium necrophorum
  12. Not all horses wear shoes but they must be removed for _ _ or _
    lameness evaluations or radiographs
  13. Name 6 hoof grooming tools:HP,HT,HK,R,N,SP
    • hoof pick
    • hoof testers
    • hoof knives
    • rasp
    • nippers
    • shoe puller
  14. What is callous tissue located on the medial aspects of the front limbs above the carpus on the hind limbs below the hock called?
  15. What is a small callous on the palmar/plantar aspects of the fetlocks called?
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