1. in medical professional liability litigation, the physician is the
  2. ____ of limitations is a period after which a lawsuit cannot be filed
  3. the agency that regulates controlled substances is the
  4. medical licensure can be obtained through
    examination , reciprocity , and endorsement
  5. clock speed is measured in
  6. when its 2 pm in Atlanta it is ____ in Los Angeles
    11 am

    3 hours difference
  7. a telephone systems that are answered by a recorded voice with a series of options are called
    automatic call routing
  8. a change in voice pitch is called an
  9. speech of an unvaried pitch is
  10. a person who fails to keep an appointment is sometimes referred to as
  11. a returning patient is called an ____ patient
  12. patients should be notified and an offer made to reschedule if the physician is running more than ___ minutes late
  13. after a person has measles , the type of immunity that develops is called
    natural active
  14. opposite of medial is
  15. a patient was bitten by a dog and the physician administered a tetanus antitoxin injection. this will be covered under medicare part B
    level II
  16. rubeola is
  17. reye's syndrome
    can follow a viral illness in children
  18. 72 inches
    6 feet

    72/12= 6
  19. otoscope is used to
    inspect the exterior ear canal
  20. when the health care provider wants comprehensive testing done on one body system this group of tests is ordered as an
  21. dysuria is
    painful urination
  22. ethical standards are called
  23. the patient should be placed in which of the following positions for examination of the head and neck
  24. the stain used to identify bacteria on a prepared slide is the
    gram stain
  25. gram positive stains what color
  26. gram negative stains what color
  27. an effective tool that a medical office can use as a guiding principle of maintaining high standards is an
    office policy manual
  28. fenestrated drapes
    have an opening that will fit right over where the incision will be made
  29. the standard speed for recording an electrocardiogram is
  30. pulse rate is decreased by
    sleep, brain injury causing increased pressure, and hypothyroidism
  31. encounter form and superbill are other names for the
    charge slip
  32. an abnormal increase in total number of white blood cells is called

    • leuko- white
    • cyt- cell
    • osis- abnormal condition
  33. alpha cells in the pancreas are responsible for the production of
  34. anuria
    absence of urine formation

    normal volume of urine every 24 hours is ~750 to 2000ml. average of 1500ml
  35. E code in the ICD-9 coding system refers to
    external causes

  36. when one state accepts another state's license this is know as
  37. visual acuity is
    clearness of vision
  38. the index of files on a disk is the
  39. the electrode that is used for grounding in an electrocardiogram is placed on the
    right leg
  40. a complete blood count includes
    white blood cell count , hemoglobin and hematocrit, platelet count
  41. Kelly forceps hemostats are used to
    control bleeding
  42. the rectal temperature of the patient is 104.2 F. If this same patient's temperature was taken orally it would be
  43. if a wound has to be cleaned out the solution that is usually used is
    sterile saline
  44. the vertebrae located in the lower spine are called
  45. cervical vertebrae are called
  46. thoracic vertebrae are called
  47. coccygeal vertebrae are called
  48. sacral vertebrae are located
    below the lumber
  49. all checks received as payment for charges should be endorsed
  50. testosterone in a male is produced in the
  51. the medical specialty that is involved with disease and treatment of the male and female urinary systems is
  52. application of heat
    dilates blood vessels

    application of heat produces local vasodilation and increases circulation these results of heat speed up the inflammatory process promoting drainage , relax muscles and relieve pain
  53. cerebral vascular accident can also be called a
  54. a numeric filing system requires the use of
    an alphabetical cross-reference
  55. involuntary muscle action is
    pupil dilation , peristalsis , breathing , heartbeat
  56. the pacemaker of the heart is the
    sinoatrial node

    SA node
  57. the first three digits of the ICD code are helpful in
    locating the general area in which the code can be found
  58. when a shipment of supplies is received the supplies should be checked against the
    enclosed packing slip
  59. a person's failure to act in a reasonable and prudent manner is called
  60. another name for tympanic membrane is the

    between the external and middle ear
  61. when adding information to the medical record, new notes are added
    newest to the front
  62. inflammation of a joint is called
  63. medicare part A covers
    services in an extended care facility
  64. after sitting for a long time a urine sample becomes
  65. trial balance is a comparison of
    ledger card totals and account-receivable balance
  66. an electrolyte that has an important influence on the activity of the heart muscle is
  67. scrubbing an item with soap and water before sterilization is
  68. oophorectomy is a surgical procedure on the
  69. betadine should not be used on the skin of a patient who is allergic to
  70. the minimum number of cells to be counted in a differential blood smear is
  71. a superbill provides
    insurance claim
  72.  a history and physical usually contains
    reason for the visit , vital signs , review of body systems
  73. the bank statement is reconciled with
    the checkbook
  74. the most common color-coding system color codes the
    patient's surname
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