Elements, compounds, states of matter

  1. Classification of a substance
    • element is a substance made of one type of an atom. It cannot be broken down into anything simpler
    • Compound is made of two or more atoms bonded together, C can be broken down into elements.
    • Element and compound is a substance b/c their composition and properties do no vary.
  2. Phases of matter
    • 1) GAS
    • attractions btw atoms are weak
    • particles move in around in random matter
    • it takes a shape of a container and fills its volume
    • 2) Liquid
    • has more attractions btw molecules
    • takes the sape of a container but doen't vary in the volume
    • 3) Solid
    • doesn't take the shape of a container
    • its particles have very little movement
  3. Changing of state
    • Melting: S => L
    • Evaporation: L =>G
    • Condensation: G=>L
    • Freezing: L=> S
    • Sublimation: S=>G or G=>S
  4. What changes during phase change?
    • The amount of heat (input or extracted) changes, but the temp remains the same.
    • B/c heat is being used to change a phase, but temp remains the same
  5. Evaporating and condensing point of water
    100 C
  6. Vapor pressure and boiling
    • pressure produced by evaporated gas above a liquid.
    • Vapor pressure is specific for each liquid at each temperature
    • For a liquid to boil its vapor pressure must be equal to pressure on it
  7. Boiling, vapor pressure at high altitudes
    Lower barometric pressure => water boils at lower temp
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