Installing Windows

  1. What part of a filename does Windows use to know which application to open to manage the file?
    the file extension
  2. Which edition of Windows 7 only comes in a 32-bit version?
    Windows 7 Starter
  3. How can you add a program icon to the Windows 7 taskbar so the program can quickly be launched at any time?
    1st locate the program in the Start menu. Right-click the program and select Pin to task bar
  4. List the 6 file attributes.
    Read only, hidden, archive, and indexing attributes of the file or folder, compress or encrypt attributes
  5. What file extension is used to name a compressed folder?
  6. What is the max amnt of memory a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium can support?
    16 GB
  7. What 3 free apps can be used to create virtual machines?
    Virtual PC, Virtual Box, & VMWare Player
  8. Why will homegroup sharing not work on a network that has a mix of Windows XP, Vista, & 7 computers?
    Homegroup is new to Windows 7, so older software such as XP and Vista, will not work
  9. Is Windows 7 setup disc a cd or dvd?
  10. Which folder does Windows used to store files a user puts in the Documents library?
    the library default saved location folder; which can be found in the library's properties box
  11. Where is the PXE programming code stored tht is used to boot a computer when it's searching for an OS on the network?
    In the BIOS code on the motherboard
  12. How many days do you normally have after a Windows installation to activate the OS?
  13. What's the min # of partitions required on a hard drive that is to be set up as a dual boot with Windows & and XP?
  14. What is the name of the domain controller database used by Windows server 2011?
    Network Operating System NOS
  15. Which Windows 7 Edition comes only in a 32 bit version?
    Win7 Starter
  16. What is the primary windows tool  for managing hardware devices?
    Device manager
  17. After a Windows installation, what is the easiest way to determine that you have internet access?
    Open windows explorer and try to navigate to other websites
  18. What might happen to the window system if too many services are running, as indicated by multiple icons in the notification area of the taskbar?
    It can make the system run sluggish
  19. List & describe the Windows 7 versions
    • Win7Starter- 32-bit,  most lmted feat, avail in developng countries/new netbook 
    • ⇧grade: Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate
    • Win7Home Basic- 32/64-bit, limted feat, avail only in underdevel countries & only activated there too                                     ⇧grade:same as Win7Starter

    • Win7Prem-32/64- bit, addt'l feat than Home Basic     
    •  ⇧grade:Win7Profess/Ultimate 
    • Win7Profess-32/64-bit, int for business users, mult site license can be purchased
    • ⇧grade: Win7 Ultimate
    • Win7Enterprise-32/64-bit, addt'l feat than Profess: BitLocker Drive Encrypt'n used to encrypt entire hard drive & support mult languages, doesn't have WinDVDmaker, mult licenses avail
    • ⇧grade: Win7 Ultimate
    • Win7Ultimate- has Every Windows feature! can't purchase mult licenses
  20. How much free space on the hard drive is required to install a 64-bit version of Windows? 32-bit?
    20 GB  &  16 GB
  21. Which file system is used on the volume where Windows is installed?
    NTFS file system
  22. What must be installed in WinVista before you can performan in place upgrade of Win7?
    A VistaServicePack 1 or later
  23. What is a keyboard shortcut to the flip 3d view?
    In Aero interface, Windows logo key + tab
  24. List pre-installation checklist items.
    • PC meet min/recommended requirements?
    • Do you have device drivers for hardware devices & app setup CDs?
    • How will users be recognized on network?
    • How will PC be recognized on network?
    • Is this upgrade/clean install?
    • If clean install dual boot?                                    
    • Has important data on hard drive been backed up?
  25. List addt'l installation tips.
    • Verify you have all app software Cd's /DVD's avail & all device drivers. Backup imp data on the drive. If not reformatting hard drive, run anti-virus software. If Win won't start, reformat hard drive to guarantee free of malware.
    • Verify BIOS setup is first optical drive or USB device when using Win DVD or other media (USB) & disable virus protect'n settings that prevent the boot area of hard drive from being altered
    • Notebook computers-connect AC adaptor & use this power source for complete OS installation, updates, & installation of hardware & apps. Battery failure could occur otherwise.
  26. When does a user need to enter a password into the UAC box in order to continue?
    When the user account does not have administrative privileges
  27. 3 Main Functions of BIOS?
    • System BIOS- Instructs order of which hardware devices run before OS startup. 
    • Startup BIOS- finds boot device (hard drive, USB, DVD drive) W/OS, then turns over to OS
    • Setup BIOS- dis/enable device n motherboard, ♤ date & time
  28. How many characters are allowed in a path and filename?
    < 260 character
  29. What is the difference between a hard drive and a partition?
    A partition divides hard drive into different volumes (drive: C & drive: D )which can contain their own root directories.
  30. When upgrading from WinXP to Win7, can you perform an in place upgrade?
    no, only a clean install
  31. Which gives better security, work group/ homegroup sharing? Why?
    Workgroup, ea pc controls own resources & homegroups any user can access resources
  32. Wha are 2 commands used by user state migrat'n tool?
    • scanstate- copies settings & files from source computer to safe location
    • loadstate-applies settings& files to the destination computer
  33. What directory contains the desktop?
    Desktop is a folder itself
  34. Which boot device should be set up 1st boot device in BIOS setup when a tech is configuring a PC to launch windows PE on the deployment server? 
  35. Process to reinstall an OS on laptop using backup files stored on a recovery partition?
    • 1st ⇨owner manual⇨recovery procedures⇨key combo
    • @beginning of boot key combo should display
    • 2ndenter key combo⇨Menu displays option to reinstall Win from setup files w/in hidden partition
  36. Is the built in administrator acct in Win7 dis/enabled by default? In WinXP?
    disabled by default in both OS
  37. List four major functions of an OS
    • Provides user interface reorg hard drives, delete/copy files, ♤ sys date, manage: Desktop, hardware, apps, & data
    • Manage files, Create/store/retrieve/Delete/ Move files on: hard/DVD/CD/USB flash drives, and other drives
    • Manage hardware BIOS (hardware permanently stored on devices)Manage memory- temporary place to store data & instructions as tprocessed Diag. problems w/soft/hardware. Interfaces needs btwn soft/hardware 
    • Manages apps- (un)& Install apps, run apps & manages interface to hardware on behalf of an application
  38. After installing dual boot w/Win7 & Vista, how do you boot Win Vista?
    on Boot loader menu, select Vista OS
  39. Using Aerosnap, what happens when you drag a window to the top of the Windows 7 desktop?
    it maximizes automatically
  40. During Win7 installation, what network should you choose when you intend to join the computer to a domain? homegroup?
    • work or public network
    • home network
  41. What window is used to uninstall an app in Win7?
    control panel
  42. What window in Win7 used to solve connectivty problems?
    network and sharing enter window
  43. List diff between  public, home, & work networks.
    • home- network discovery turned on, can join homegroup, setting allows seeing other computers on network and vice-versa
    • work- network discovery turned on, can join a domain, cant join a home group
    • public- network discovery turned off, cant join home group or domain. This is the most secure option.
  44. What are the four library that Windows 7 creates by default?
    Documents, music, pictures, and videos
  45. What is the memory limitation for a 32 bit operating system?
    4 GB
  46. If you suspect a PC is infected, why is it not a good idea to perform an upgrade installation of windows rather than a clean install?
    Hard drive may have malware, better to reformat hard drive during installation, to have a clean install
  47. How do you access the properties box for a file to change a file attribute?
    Right click File, select Properties from shortcut menu. Then ♤ the read only, hidden, archive, & indexing attributes of file by checking approp. boxes & click Apply.
  48. What dialog box can you ♤ computer name after Win7 installed?
    System Properties dialog box
  49. What is the program name for the system info utility?
  50. Which Windows 7 window can be used to get a report of the history of problems on a computer?
    using Action Center, by clicking view archived messages
  51. What is the difference between a gadget and an applet?
    • Gadgets-mini apps appear on desktop.
    • Applets sm. utility programs (mouse properties) found under Maine.cpl ( in the search box), to mnge hard/software, users, & the system. maintain systems or fix computer problems
  52. What Win7 tool is used to migrate user data & setting from a Win Vista install on 1 computer to the new Win7 install on diff computer?
    User State Migration Tool (USMT)
  53. Why would you want to hide known file extensions?
    For personal preference, if you already know where your file is located, (& whichever folder you placed it) then it's not necessary.
  54. Where & how are hidden recovery partitions commonly used?
    located in hidden partitions of hard drive, used to reinstall an OS on laptop using stored backup files
  55. Are you required to enter the product key during the Win7 install? During XP install?
    Win7, No                                                 WinXP yes, unless it's for Win XP Mode
  56. Why would you not want to hide file extensions?
    To be able to access, organize, & move files in a more timely manner
  57. To use the user state migration tool (USMT), how must a computer join the network?
    AIK software must be installed first by system administrator
  58. List Microsoft's three primary Windows support web sites., and
  59. How do you hide or unhide known file extensions?
    • start menu⇨control panel⇨appearance & personalization⇨folder options:
    • to hide, check hide extensions
    • to unhide uncheck hide extensions
  60. Using an unattended installation of Windows, what is the name of the file that holds the response a tech would normally give during the installation?
    Answer file
  61. Who and what manages user accts in a workgroup? In a domain?
    • workgroup- administration, resources, & security on a workstation are controlled by that workstation
    • domain- resources managed by centralized computers; controlled by (NOS) Network Operating System
  62. What is the difference between Aero snap, Aero shake, Aero Peek?
    • Aero Snap max window when you drag it to top of desktop (restore by dragging window downward) drag right/left to fill 1/2 the screen.
    • Aero Shake min all windows except the one you shake (Shake again restores size to all other windows)
    • Aero Peek move mouse over the rectangle to the far right of the taskbar, all windows disappear; but desktop & gadgets are visible
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