Gropper Chapter 1

  1. Plasma Membranes are sheet-like structures composed primarily of ______ & ____ held together by_________ interactions
    • phospholipids & protein
    • noncovelently
  2. Core of phospholipid bilayer is
  3. Phospholipids are comprised mostly of
    • phosphoglycerides & phosphingolipids
    • cholesterol also found (offers structural integrity)
  4. Membrane _____ give membranes their functions
  5. Membranes are or are not structurally distinct from the aqueous compartments of the cell they surround. 
    are not
  6. They hydrocarbon side chain of the cholesterol molecule associates with the hydrocarbon fatty acid tails of the phospholipids, creating a ___region
  7. The hydroxyl groups of the cholesterol are positioned close to the polar head groups of the phospholipid molecules, resulting in a more _______
    hydrophilic region. 
  8. layer of carbohydrates on the cell's outer surface is called ----
  9. The membrane glycoproteins are crucial to the life of the cell, serving as:  the receptors for hormones, certain nutrients, and other various substances that: 
    regulate the intracellualr communication necessary for cell growth and tissue formation. 
  10. _______proteins are embedded in hydrophobic membrane (receptor/carrier)
  11. ______proteins are associated with membranes through ionic interactions and are located on or near the membrane surface. (glycoproteins of the cell recognition complex.
  12. Cytoskeleton components
    Microtubules, Microfilaments, intermediate filaments
  13. Hollow, tubular, made up of 2 types of globular tubulin subunits, provides mechanical support
  14. made up of globular subunits of (protein) actin. Subunits have electrical charge. Can be (dis)or assembled. 
  15. unbranched, provide mechanical strength to cells, not made of protein, chemically heterogeneous (dis) and assembly controlled by (de) or phosphorylation. 
    Intermediate filaments
  16. all metabolic pathways occurring in the cytoplasmic matrix are influenced by its ____
    structural arrangement
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Gropper Chapter 1
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