rapid review 4

  1. stacks of RBCs is the classical finding in
    Rouleaux formation (high ESR, multiple myeloma)
  2. stippled vaginal epithelial cells is the classical finding in
    "clue cells" (Gardenerella vaginalis)
  3. "Tennis racket" shaped cytoplasmic organelles (EM) in Langerhans cells is the classical finding in
    Birbeck granules (Langerhans cell histiocytosis or histiocytosis X: eosinophilic granuloma)
  4. thrombi made of white/red layers is the classical finding in
    lines of Zahn (arterial thrombus, layers of platelets/RBCs)
  5. "Thumb sign" on lateral X ray is the classical finding in
    epiglottitis (Haemophilus influenzae)
  6. thyroid like appearance of kidney is the classical finding in
    chronic bilateral pyelonephritis
  7. Tram-track appearance of capillary loops of glomerular basement memb on light microscopy is the classical finding in
    Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis
  8. triglyceride accumulation in liver cell vacuoles is the classical finding in
    fatty liver cell disease (alcoholic or metabolic synd)
  9. "Waxy" casts with very low urine flow is the classical finding in
    chronic end stage renal disease
  10. WBC casts in urine is the classical finding in
    acute pyelonephritis
  11. WBCs that look "smudged" is the classical finding in
    CLL (almost always B cell)
  12. "Wire loop" glomerular capillary appearance on light microscopy is the classical finding in
    Lupus nephropathy
  13. yellowish CSF is the classical finding in
    Xanthochromia (e.g., due to subarachnoid hemorrhage)
  14. condition: absence seizures
    common treatment: ??

  15. condition: acute gout attack
    common treatment: ??
    NSAIDs, colchicine
  16. condition: Acute promyelocytic leukemia (M3)
    common treatment: ??
    all-trans retinoic acid
  17. condition: ADHD
    common treatment: ??
    Methylphenidate, amphetamines
  18. condition: alcohol abuse
    common treatment: ??
    AA + disulfiram for patient and Al-Anon for family
  19. condition: alcohol withdrawl
    common treatment: ??
  20. condition: anorexia
    common treatment: ??
  21. condition: anticoagulation during pregnancy
    common treatment: ??
  22. condition: arrhythmia in a damaged cardiac tissue
    common treatment: ??
    class IB antiarrhythmic (lidocaine, mexiletine, tocainide)
  23. condition: B12 deficiency
    common treatment: ??
    vit B12 supplementation (work up with Schilling test)
  24. condition: benign prostatic hyperplasia
    common treatment: ??
    Tamsulosin, fenasteide
  25. condition: bipolar disorder
    common treatment: ??
    Lithium, Valproate, Carbamazepine, Lamotrigine (mood stabilizers)
  26. condition: breast cancer in post menopausal women
    common treatment: ??
    aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole)
  27. condition: Buerger's disease
    common treatment: ??
    smoking cessation
  28. condition: bulimia
    common treatment: ??
  29. condition: Candida albicans
    common treatment: ??
    Amphotericin B (systemic), nystatin (oral thrush, esophagitis)
  30. condition: carcinoid synd
    common treatment: ??
  31. condition: Chlamydia trachomatis
    common treatment: ??
    Doxycycline (+ceftriaxone for gonorrhea coinfection), Erythromycin eye drops (prophylaxis for infants)
  32. condition: chronic gout
    common treatment: ??
    probenecid (underexcretor), allopurinol (overproducer)
  33. condition: chronic hepatitis
    common treatment: ??
  34. condition: Chronic myelogenous leukemia
    common treatment: ??
  35. condition: Clostridium botulinum
    common treatment: ??
  36. condition: Clostidium difficile
    common treatment: ??
    oral metronidazole; if refractory, oral vancomycin
  37. condition: Clostridium tetani
    common treatment: ??
    antitoxin+vaccine booster+diazepam
  38. condition: Crohn's disease
    common treatment: ??
    corticosteroids, Infliximab
  39. condition: Cryptococcus neoformans
    common treatment: ??
    Fluconazole (prophylaxis in AIDS patients)
  40. condition: Cyclophosphamide induced hemorrhagic cystits
    common treatment: ??
  41. condition: cystic fibrosis
    common treatment: ??
    N-acetylcysteine+antipseudomonal prophylaxis (tobramycin/azithromycin)
  42. condition: Cytomegalovirus
    common treatment: ??
  43. condition: depression
    common treatment: ??
    SSRIs (first line)
  44. condition: Diabetes insipidus
    common treatment: ??
    • Desmopressin (central)
    • hydrocholrthiazide, indomethacin, amiloride (nephrogenic)
  45. condition: Diabetes mellitus type I
    common treatment: ??
    dietary intervention (low sugar)+insulin replacement
  46. condition: diabetes mellitus type 2
    common treatment: ??
    dietary intervention, oral hypoglycemics and insulin (possible)
  47. condition: diabetic ketoacidosis
    common treatment: ??
    fluids, insulin, K+
  48. condition: enterococci
    common treatment: ??
  49. condition: erectile dysfunction
    common treatment: ??
    sildenafil, vardenafil
  50. condition: ER-positive breast cancer
    common treatment: ??
  51. condition: ethylene glycol/methanol intoxication
    common treatment: ??
    fomepizole (alcohol dehydrogenase inhibitor)
  52. condition: Haemophilus influenzae (B)
    common treatment: ??
    rifampin (prophylaxis)
  53. condition: generalized anxiety disorder
    common treatment: ??
  54. condition: heparin toxicity (acute)
    common treatment: ??
    protamine sulfate
  55. condition: HER2/neu-positve breast cancer
    common treatment: ??
  56. condition: hyperaldosteronism
    common treatment: ??
  57. condition: hypercholesterolemia
    common treatment: ??
    statin (first line)
  58. condition: hypertriglyceridemia
    common treatment: ??
  59. condition: immediate anticoagulation
    common treatment: ??
  60. condition: infertility
    common treatment: ??
    Leuprolide, GnRH (pulsatile)
  61. condition: Influenza
    common treatment: ??
    rimantadine, oseltamivir
  62. condition: Legionella pneumophila
    common treatment: ??
  63. for long term anticoagulation we commonly use
  64. condition: Malaria
    common treatment: ??
    chloroquine/mefloquine (for blood schizont), primaquine (for liver hypnozoite)
  65. condition: malignant hyperthermia
    common treatment: ??
  66. condition: medical abortion
    common treatment: ??
  67. condition: Migraine
    common treatment: ??
  68. condition: MRSA
    common treatment: ??
  69. condition: Multiple sclerosis
    common treatment: ??
    β interferon, immunosuppression, natalizumab
  70. condition: Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    common treatment: ??
    RIPE (rifampin, INH, pyrazinamide, ethmbutol)
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