Building Collapse

  1. Factors that increase building collapse are:

    • Age of building
    • Abandonment
    • Lightweight construction¬†
    • Faulty renovations
  2. A structure 75-100 yrs old is reaching the end of its life expectancy
  3. Unprotected steel bar joists fail when exposed to __-__ min of fire exposure.
  4. Fire resistance and collapse are directly related to?
    The mass of the building
  5. What is the leading cause of death and injury to FFs?
    Falling objects
  6. What's the most common falling object @ a structure fire?
    Broken glass
  7. Residential glass is how thick?
  8. Commercial glass can be how thick?

    *8X4 window can be 40 lbs
  9. Most FFs who die in structure fires do so how?
    One at at time
  10. Fuel Load=?
    content fuel + fuel in the structure
  11. Balloon construction 
    • 1. exterior walls run foundation to top plate
    • 2. non bearing wall will fall 90 degree
    • 3. bearing wall can cause floor collapse
    • 4. fire spread from cellar to attic
  12. what is a buttress?
    an exterior wall column
  13. what is a pilaster?
    interior column
  14. collapse of a column is more destructive than a beam collapse
  15. Gusset plate-thickness and cutouts?
    1/4" thick, cutouts 1/2" (they only penetrate a fraction of an inch 3/8")
  16. Braced frame construction
    Post and girt, held together by mortise and tennon joints
  17. I beam components?
    top and bottom flange, web in the middle
  18. Interstitial space can be spaced how far?
    8 ft
  19. what is a lintel?
    Horizontal member over an opening in a wall. 
  20. structural members can withstand the greatest load when applied how?
    axially-most resistant to collapse
  21. what's a dead load
    static or fixed (building and permanent equipment)
  22. whats a live load?
    transient or moveable
  23. when timber fails, it is often at what joints?
    mortise and tennon
  24. which is strongest, platform, brace frame, or balloon contruction?
  25. what is the safety factor of most structural elements?
    2 or more
  26. What is a terrazzo floor?
    small marble chips set in several inches of cement
  27. what is considered timber?
    anything larger than 2X4
  28. What type of wall is most likely to collapse?
    free standing
  29. what is a demising wall?
    partition wall floor slab to floor slab
  30. what type of wall will fall in a curtain fashion?
  31. what's the collapse zone
    1, 1.5, or 2X the height of the wall
  32. What's the main problem associated with fire resistive construction?
    central A/C HVAC
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