1. Larvae (Wolf worm or Warbles)
    Cuterebra spp.
  2. Hosts of cuterebra
    rabbits, mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, dogs and cats (not natural hosts)

    rare in indoor cats, and even more rare in dogs
  3. habitat of cuterebra
    • infests the skin, usually around the nose to neck region
    • occasionally migrates to brain or other tissue
  4. transmission of cuterebra
    • adult flies lay egg near entrance to rodent burrows
    • pets become infected with the larvae when sticking their head/nose in the borrow
  5. diagnosis of cuterebra
    • almost impossible to diagnose unles under the skin
    • observation of the distinctive swollen, cyst-like subcutaneous lesion, with central hole connecting to the outside (for breathing)
  6. treatment of cuterebra
    surgically removing the bot from its pocket under the skin
  7. dog flea
    ctenocephalides canis
  8. cat flea
    Ctenocephalides felis
  9. how many eggs can one flea lay
    • 2,000 egg in her lifetime
    • 50 eggs in one day
  10. pupal window
    the flea population emerges over imte, slowly, rather then all at once
  11. transmission of fleas
    • direct contact
    • environmental contamination
  12. life span of fleas
    • adults - 6 months
    • pupae - 6 months
  13. host of fleas
    • dogs and cats
    • human - accidental host
  14. flea habitat on dogs
    concentrates on lower back, tail (near base of tail), and abdomen/gron area
  15. flea habitat on cats
    concentrates on the neck area
  16. fleas are intermediate host for....
    • Dipylidium caninum
    • Dipetalonema reconditum
  17. signs of fleas
    licking, scratching, itching, chewing, shaking
  18. signs of flea-bite allergies
    intense itching, red skin, pustules, moist wounds, scabbing
  19. flea treatment
    antibiotics(bacterial infection), steroids(allergy), topical flea pesticides
  20. diagnosis of fleas
    see fleas or flea dirt
  21. flea products for dogs and cats
    • IGR - Onsect growth regulators
    • IDR - Insect Development regulators
    • Central Nervous System Modulators
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