Neuro Terminology

  1. Types of synapses
    • axon & soma
    • axon & dendrite
    • axon & dendritic spine
    • axon & axon
    • dendrite & dendrite
    • soma & soma
  2. Electronic synapse
    pre- and postsynaptic processes are contiguous so stimulus can pass directly from one cell to next (no chemical mediation required)
  3. Types of chemical synapses
    • asymmetrical
    • symmetrical
  4. Asymmetrical chemical synapse
    thicker postsynaptic membrane density of protein material
  5. Symmetrical chemical synapse
    pre- and postsynaptic membrane densities are same thickness
  6. Synaptic Cleft
    stimulus requires chemical carrier to bridge gap between pre- and postsynaptic structures
  7. Synaptic vesicles
    located in presynaptic terminals. variety of shapes and sizes associated with specific transmitters
  8. Mitochondria
    provide energy for release of NT into synaptic cleft
  9. Dendrites
    increase SA of neurone, collect afferent info
  10. Dendritic Spine
    projections of dendrites that receive incoming impulses, extremely  plastic
  11. Axon hillock
    separates cell body and axon
  12. Axon collaterals
    side branches of axons that help bring info to several parts of NS simultaneously
  13. Synaptic terminals
    found at terminal ends of axons and transmit nerve impulses from neuron to neuron, primary means of intercommunication in NS
  14. Centrifugal bifurcation
    branching pattern of dendrites: first-order segment (few spines), second order segment, third order segment. spines become more numerous and then decrease again as become more peripheral
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