80 word vocab test

  1. abstract
    • n. an old abbreviated synopsis of a longer work of scholarship or research.
    • adj. Dealing with or tending to deal with a subject apart from a particular or specific instance.
  2. adhominem
    directed to or appealing to feelings or prejudices instead of to intellect or reason
  3. adage
    a saying or proverb containing a truth based on experience and often couched in metaphorical language
  4. allegory
    a story in which a second meaning is to be read beneath the surface
  5. alliteration
    the repetition of one or more initial consonants in a group of words or lines in a poem
  6. allusion
    a reference to a person,place,or event meant to create an effect or enhance the meaning of an idea
  7. ambiguity
    a vagueness of meaning; a conscious lack of clarity meant to evoke multiple meanings or interpretations
  8. anachronism
    a person,scene,event or other element that fails to correspond with the appropriate time or era
  9. analogy
    a comparison that points out similarities between 2 dissimilar things; a passage that points out several similarities between 2 unlike things is called an extended analogy
  10. anecdote
    a brief narrative often used to illustrate an idea or make a poiny
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