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  1. Glomerulonephritis diet
    low calorie, low protein, low sodium, low potassium, low phosphorus, fluid restriction, calcium supplements, vitamin B supplements
  2. Diet for nephrotic syndrome-what to eat
    yogurt, vegetables, pulses (beans, peas that are cooked), fruits, milk, eggs
  3. Diet for nehprotic syndrome-what to avoid
    salted wafers, snacks, papads, salted pickles, curry, sauces, soup cubes, bread, salted biscuits, cheese, salted pistachio
  4. Renal failure diet
    limit protein, simple carbs (rice, sugar, poha, sago), fats (olive oil, homemade butter), limit sodium, phosphorous, calcium
  5. Diet for hemodialysis
    high protein, decrease/limit potassium, salt, phosphorus; fluid intake restrictions, vitamin and mineral supplementation; meat a better protein than nuts/peas because those are high in K and Ph
  6. Peritoneal dialysis diet
    high protein, sodium restriction based on BP and fluid weight gain, K usually NOT restricted, phosphorus restricted
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