1. What disease does someone with uremia have?
    End stage renal failure
  2. Polycyctic kidney disease
    hereditary disease characterized by kidney enlargement and cyst formation
  3. Pyelonephritis
    inflammation of the kidney and renal pelvis; causes inability to concentrate urine if chronic
  4. What would nurse do for client with PD with outflow 200 ml less than inflow twice?
    Lower drainage bag, continue to monitor outflow, change clientÂ’s position
  5. Dietary changes for pt with acute glomerulonephritis?
    Restrict protein by limiting meats and other high protein foods
  6. What electrolyte issue do patients with glomerulonephritis have?
  7. What renal disorder can occur after a patient takes an antibiotic that has nephrotoxic effects?
    Acute renal failure
  8. Glomerolonephritis is frequently caused by
    infectious organisms
  9. Chronic KD usually develops over time due to comorbitities such as
    DM and HTN
  10. Serum creatinine indicates
    kidney function normal is 0.8-1.6
  11. Cytoscopy is a
    diagnostic test
  12. Major complication of PD
    peritonitis; maintain strict aseptic technique during connection and disconnection
  13. Urolithiasis
    sudden pain in onset and may be accompanied by nausea, diaphoresis and vomiting
  14. Highest priority diagnosis following renal transplant
    risk for infection related to bone marrow suppression
  15. What can gentamicin cause?
    Sudden weight gain or puffy eyes-tell provider; toxic to kidneys
  16. Most common complication of hemodialysis
  17. What type of renal failure would be expected to see in a client who overdosed on a nephrotoxic drug?
    Intrarenal (aminoglycoside drugs)
  18. What lab indicator means the client has improved with AKD?
    Decreasing serum creatinine
  19. Creatinine level of 7. What to evaluate?
    Weight, peripheral edema, I&O
  20. Diet for ESKD
    Restricted protein, increased carbs
  21. What does diabetes do?
    Cause glomular scarring
  22. Ileal conduit urostomy should be changed
    in the morning
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