Drill team Knowledge 2013

  1. In marching most commands have two parts what are they?
    Preparatory command and command of execution
  2. Who is the US army chief of staff?
    General Raymond T. Ordierno
  3. What are three ways to stop bleeding?
    Direct Pressure, pressure points, and tourniquet
  4. Why should training aids be used?
    To appeal to the senses, to interest the learner and to develop understanding and to save time
  5. What are the three Norths on a military map?
    True, magnetic, and grid
  6. What is the definition of military leadership?
    The process of motivating others to accomplish a mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation
  7. What are the four parts of a lesson plan?
    Introduction, body, summary, and supplemental information.
  8. What are the primary concerns of a military leader?
    The accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of the troops.
  9. What are the symptoms of heat exhaustion?
    Dizziness, faintness, paleness, clammy skin, loss of appetite, chills, and shortness of breath.
  10. Who is Colonel Brent Barnes
    The 6th Brigade Commander
  11. What is ment by the term tact?
    The ability to deal with people in a respectful manner.
  12. When giving voice commands in drill, what is meant by the term cadence?
    The uniform and rythmic flow of words.
  13. Who is the Honorable Chuck Hagle?
    The Secretary of Defense
  14. How many degrees are in a circle?
    360 degrees.
  15. What does the "gold" star represent?
    Honor unit with distinction
  16. If outdoors during the playing of the national anthem, a person in military uniform and not in formation should take what action?
    Stand at attention, face the music or flag, and render the proper salute.
  17. What is the mission of JROTC?
    To motivate young people to be better citizens.
  18. Who is the honorable John Mchugh?
    Secretary of the army.
  19. What is the proper way to read a military map?
    First read right, and then up
  20. What are the four basic life saving steps?
    Clear airway, stop bleeding, treat for shock, and protect and dress the wound.
  21. What are the five basic colors on a military map and what do they stand for?
    • Red- Cities and built up areas
    • Black- Man made objects
    • Blue- Bodies of water
    • Brown- Elevation and relief
    • Green- Vegetation and forestry
  22. What is meant by span of control?
    The number of subordinates a leader can effectively supervise, direct, or control
  23. Who is the cadet command commander?
    BG Jeffery A. Smith
  24. How does one treat a victim for shock?
    Turn the victim on their back, elevate feet, loosen tight clothing, and keep warm or protect from the sun.
  25. In drill what are the four rest positions?
    Parade rest, rest, stand at ease, at ease.
  26. What does S.A.I. stand for?
    Senior Army Instructor.
  27. What is meant by the term resection?
    Finding your position on a map by taking the back azimuth of two unknown points.
  28. What are four of the fourteen leadership traits?
    Bearing, courage, decisiveness, dependability, endurance, enthusiasm, initiative, integrity, judgment, justice, knowledge, loyalty, tact, and unselfishness
  29. What is the definition of addiction?
    The inability to stop using drugs, alcholol, etc....
  30. What is meant by the term "contour interval"?
    The vertical distance between two adjacent contour lines.
  31. When using a map, what is meant by the term relief?
    The variation of height of the earths surface.
  32. Who is the Honorable Barack Obama?
    The President of the United States, and the Commander in Chief of all armed forces.
  33. When marching at quick time, what is the normal arm swing distance?
    Nine inches to the front, six inches to rear of the trouser seam.
  34. What does the letters JROTC stand for?
    Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps
  35. What do the torches on the jrotc uniform represent?
  36. When marching at quick time what is the distance of a single step?
    30 inches
  37. What is the back azimuth of 360 degrees?
    180 degrees.
  38. When did congress first authorize the actual formation of the reserve training corps?
  39. In what reference book would you look to find the answer to a drill and ceremonies question?
    FM 3-21.5
  40. What is meant by the term cadet?
    A student enrolled in ROTC or JROTC
  41. What are the five functions of JROTC?
    • 1. To encourage high school completion and teach respect for authority.
    • 2. To develop leadership potential
    • 3. To improve physical fitness.
    • 4. To explain the role of the military
    • 5. To set an example for other students
  42. What is your first general order?
    1. I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.
  43. What is your second general order?
    I will obey all my special orders and preform all my duties in a military manner!
  44. What is your third general order?
    I will report any violations of my special orders, emergencies, or anything not covered in my instruction to the commander of the relief!
  45. Who is your battalion SAI?
    CSM White
  46. Who is your battalion commander?
  47. Who is your battalion XO?
    C/MAJ Amity Curtis
  48. Who is your battalion CSM?
    C/CSM Asa Curtis
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