anatomy UE part 2

  1. ant and middle scalene both attach to:
    1st rib
  2. roots of the brachial plexus lie btwn:
    ant and middle scalene
  3. subclavian vein runs in front of:
    subclavian artery runs btwn:
    • ant scalene
    • ant & middle scalene
  4. roots of the plexus:
  5. arteries and veins names change as they go along.
    proximal to clavical:
    distal to clavical:
    more distal:
    • subclavian vessels
    • axillary vessels
    • brachial vessels

    structures DONT change, just the name
  6. what vein lies btwn thr groove made by the pec major in front & the deltoid behind:
    what does this structure join:
    • cephalic vein
    • joins the¬†subclavian vein
  7. what structure runs deep to the pec minor & runs proximal passing under subclavius & clavicle:
    subclavian vein
  8. what structure is formed by subclavian vein & internal jugular vein
    it passes medial to the 1st rib, enters the chect c/ the "Dome of the Pleura" lying immediately behind it:
    Brachiocephalic vein
  9. what 2 structures join to form the SVC?
    R & L brachiocephalic veins
  10. what vein does not have an accompanying artery?
    cephalic vein
  11. artery passing deep to the ant scalene:
    subclavian artery
  12. artery passing deep to the clavicle:
    axillary artery
  13. artery passing deep to the pec minor:
    brachial artery
  14. on the R side, subclavian artery and common carotid arise from the:
    which in turn arises from the:
    • brachiocephalic trunk
    • arch of the aorta
  15. what structure passes over the "Dome of the Pleura"?
    subclavian artery
  16. subclavian artery gives off:
    (passes over the Dome of the Pleura & gives off:)
    • internal Thoracic artery
    • Thyrocervical trunk
    • vertebral artery
    • transverse cervical artery
    • suprascapular artery
  17. as the axillary passes deep to the pec minor, what 2 branches does it give off:
    • thoracoacromial artery
    • lateral thoracic artery
  18. distally in axilla, what are 3 more important branches:
    • subscapular artery
    • circumflex Humeral arteries
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