Sports Massage & Russian Sports Massage MBLEX

  1. Sports Massage & Russian Sports Massage:
    What are the two basic types of stretching
    • Active: stretch by himself/herself
    • Passive: therapist performs the stretch
  2. Sports Massage:
    Within Active & Passive stretching, what are the other subsets of stretching that can be employed
    • Active: Static (still), Ballistic (bouncy), Dynamic (same as event, ex. swimming strokes)
    • Passive: Static
  3. Sports Massage:
    This stretch causes in increase in the distance between origin and insertion of a muscle, until slight resistance can be felt
    Static stretching
  4. Sports Massage:
    The athlete initiates bouncing to activate protective mechanisms in muscles causing the tissue to "ready itself" for explosive movements
    Ballistic stretching
  5. Sports Massage:
    The athlete performs the same activities that he/she will be performing in the event; only the athlete performs the activities at a low level. Sometimes referred to by the athletes as "warm-up".
    Dynamic stretching
  6. Sports Massage:
    The client isometrically contracts the target muscle, and then relaxes the target muscle as he/she initiates joint movement from the opposing group
    Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  7. Guidelines for Russian Sports Massage
    • Warm up muscles before using passive movement
    • Start with active ROM first to evaluate where "normal" is
    • Stay as distal as possible to the joint being worked without crossing the next joint
    • Use bodyweight, not muscle power
    • Apply a traction force to the joint to help give space to the joint and avoid compression injuries
    • Don't overpower the muscle resistance
    • Increase pressure and ROM gradually
    • Always maintain verbal, tactile, and visual contact
  8. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Trapezius Muscle Actions
    • Upward rotation of scapula
    • Assists with elevation
    • Adduction of scapula
    • Head extension
    • Depression of scapula
  9. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Levator Scapulate Muscle Actions & Technique
    • Elevation of scapula
    • Neck lateral flexion
    • note: *rotate clients head so that they are looking at the opposite shoulder
  10. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Scalenes Muscle Action & Technique
    • Neck lateral flexion
    • Elevation of rib cage
    • note: *make sure that clients nose points straight up towards ceiling
  11. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Pectoralis Major I Muscle Action & Technique
    Do not perform when...
    • Do not perform on client with previous shoulder dislocation
    • Medial rotation of shoulder
    • Shoulder adduction
    • Flexion of an extended shoulder
    • note: *shoulder 90 degree abduction, elbow in 90 degree flexion, support elbow joint with inside hand, place outside hand on antebrachium, push arm towards the floor
  12. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Pectoralis Major II & III Technique
    • Do not perform on client with previous shoulder dislocation
    • Pectoralis Major II: Shoulder into 135 degree abduction, everything else the same as Pec Major I Technique
    • Pectoralis Major III: Shoulder into 45 degree abduction, everything else the same as Pec Major I Technique
  13. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Subscapularis Muscle Action & Technique
    Do not perform...
    • Do not perform on client with previous shoulder dislocation
    • Action: Medical rotation of the shoulder
    • Shoulder into 90 degree abduction
    • Support elbow joint with inside hand
    • Place outside hand on clients antebrachium Laterally rotate
  14. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Deltoid Muscle Actions & Technique
    • Abduction of shoulder
    • Flexion of shoulder
    • Extension of shoulder
    • Weak medial and lateral rotation of shoulder
    • Technique: Stand at the side of the client. Place clients arm over their chest pushing toward the opposite shoulder.
  15. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Actions & Technique
    • Adduction of shoulder
    • Medial rotation of shoulder
    • Extension of flexed shoulder
    • Technique: Stand at head of client, extend clients arm over their head. Hook your elbow around your client's flexed elbow. Traction arm towards ceiling, then traction arm superiorly (toward your chest).
  16. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Soleus Muscle Actions & Technique
    • Ankle plantar flexion
    • Technique: Knee in flexion, with inside arm, cup your hand around the calcaneus. Use the antebrachium to push the ankle joint into dorsal flexion. Compressions to the soleus is good if client can't feel stretch.
  17. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Quadriceps Femoris Muscle Action & Technique
    • Rectus femoris: hip flexion and knee extension
    • Vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedius: knee extension
    • Technique: Hold clients ankle proximal to ankle joint and bring heel toward the glutes. Ensure hip/ASIS (the side you're stretching) stays on the table. Take free hand and place a soft fist or elbow into clients glute on the same side of the stretch to push hip towards table. Bring heel towards glutes.
  18. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Adductor Group Muscle Actions & Techniques (2)
    • Group performs adduction
    • Technique: Figure-4 position. Place one hand on clients ASIS (opposite side) and the other hand on the clients knee. Push your clients knee out laterally and towards the ground while you stabilize the hip
    • Technique: Client to edge of table. Take the leg to be stretched and abduct the thigh. Ensure that the knee stays extended and the toes pointing straight up. Support joints. Abduct thigh.
  19. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Gluteal Muscles Muscle Action & Techniques (2)
    • Gluteus medius and minimus: hip abduction and medial rotation
    • Gluteus maximus: hip extension, lateral rotation and abduction
    • Technique: Place flexed leg over the clients straight leg so that the foot of the lg being stretched is flat on the table. Place one hand on the clients flexed knee and the other on the clients shoulder (same side as leg being stretched). Push the clients knee toward their opposite shoulder.
    • Technique: Take leg on the side being stretched and pull the leg over the body so that low back is in a rotated position. Stabilize client's opposite shoulder as you push the leg being stretched towards the table/ground
  20. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Piriformis Muscle Action & Technique
    • Hip lateral rotation, abduction of a flexed thigh
    • Technique: knee on the table facing clients head. Take clients leg at the knee joint and flex the clients knee and hop joint. Rotate the clients hip by holding the clients knee and distal crus. Push the ankle towards the clients head while holding/stabilizing the knee joint.
  21. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Gastronemius Muscle Action & Technique
    • Knee flexion and ankle plantar flexion
    • Technique: Stand at foot of table, facing clients head. Take your hand and cup it around the clients heel. Allow your forearm to push against the clients bottom foot. Lean forward using body weight to pull the foot into ankle dorsal flexion
  22. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Hamstring Group Muscle Action & Technique
    • Hip extension and knee flexion
    • Technique: perform hip flexion by taking the clients leg and lifting it up towards the clients head. The clients knee does not have to stay in complete extension. Make sure the stretch is pain free.
  23. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Tibialis Anterior Muscle Action & Technique
    • Ankle dorsal flexion and inversion
    • Technique: grasp the clients foot and push the ankle into plantar flexion. Add eversion to the plantar flexed foot (so the foot is twisted). Can add compressions to muscle belly.
  24. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Gluteus Medius & Tensor Fascia Latae Muscle Actions & Technique
    • Gluteus medius: hip abduction and medial rotation
    • Tensor fascia latae: hip flexion, medial and lateral leg rotation
    • Technique: Stand at the posterior side of the client. Client in sideline. Stabilize the clients hip with one hand and with the other push the clients hanging leg toward the ground
  25. Sports Massage - Muscle Stretches:
    Psoas Muscle Action & Techniques (2)
    • Hip flexion
    • Technique: Stand at side facing head. Stabilize clients body with the inside hand by holding the clients opposing leg. With the outside hand, push the clients leg toward the ground
    • Technique: Stand at foot of table. The leg that is not being stretched is forced into hip flexion. Take the leg that is intended to be stretched and force the leg towards the ground.
  26. Sports Massage:
    Reciprocal Inhibition
    Have the client isometrically contract the antagonist (opposing) to the muscle cramping by coaching them through the process and providing resistance to the contracting atagonistic muscle.
  27. Define Sports Massage
    is targeted to support fitness, help reduce the demands the sport places on the body, increase the ability to perform the sport, and enhance and shorten recovery time.
  28. Sports Massage General Benefits & Performance Related Outcomes from Massage
    Increased Circulation:
    Affects CNS:
    Lengthens or Broadens Tissue:
    Creates feelings of well-being:
    • Increased Circulation: Repairs micro-tears, Assists blood flow, Increases material exchange, Moves fluid
    • Affects CNS: Stimulates muscles, Decreases tension, Sedates athlete
    • Lengthens or Broadens Tissue: Decreases scar tissue, Increases range of motion, Decreases trigger points
    • Creates Feelings of Well-Being: Positive reinforcement, Stimulates mind, Decreases anxiousness
    • Relaxation: Decreases tension, Decreases stress
  29. 7 Standard Russian Sports Massage Hand Positions
    • Crescent
    • Ulnar
    • Palmar
    • Open Fist
    • Thumb
    • 4-Fingertip
    • Rake
  30. Russian Sports Massage
    General Benefits - Increases
    • Increase blood flow to segments
    • Increase lymph return
    • Overall metabolism
    • ROM
    • Speed of tissue regeneration
  31. Russian Sports Massage
    General Benefits - Decreases
    • Muscle fatigue
    • Muscle tension
    • Edema
    • Chronic pain
    • Abnormal deposits in soft tissue
  32. Who played a crucial role in integrating sports massage with regular massage and originated the title "Russian Massage."
  33. Russian Sports Massage:
    Stages of Training pg 150-151
    • Preparation/Off-Season: cross training is common during this time
    • Technical/Pre-Season: Sport specific techniques are practiced.
    • Competitive Season: During the competition season itself, the added pressure of games/performances as well as practice and travel schedules can be very intense.
    • Post Season: The final games have ended.
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