fashion items

  1. A top similar to a tube top that is form fitting and contains support materials such as a wire under bust in order to give it a better shape
  2. A piece of material that is sewn into a skirt offering a different style or flow
  3. A piece of clothing fitted at the hips and flares out at mid thigh or knee, resembling a fish tail
    Fish Tail skirt
  4. A garment that is made from fabric that is individually died and woven together to create a  pattern 
  5. Long for bra it is an article of clothing used to offer support to the bust, pronounced bra zeer
  6. A piece with long or short sleeves that falls just below the bust line, can button at the front or remain open
    bolero jacket
  7. A pocket with a thin opening, often closed with a button and normally on the back of slacks
    welt pockets
  8. A short dress that has loose material that balances out around the hip area
    bubble skirt
  9. A sleeveless piece of clothing that covers the torso 
    Tube top
  10. A piece of material that is wrapped around the shoulder and used like a sweater with out sleeves
  11. A large piece of fabric often made of silk that is wrapped around the shoulder
  12. A low sometimes very low neckline pronounced dee ko leet
  13. A net that goes over a dress or hat, made from stiffened material
  14. A chinese style collar that is round and flips up on the sides and back of neck, often open in the front
    Mandarin Collars
  15. A part of clothing that cap and cover the outter edge of the shoulder 
    Cap sleeves 
  16. A piece flowing and short, sometimes tight in the bust and flowing out ending at upper thigh
    Baby doll dress
  17. A shoe that is open in the back or slip on 
  18. A shoe with a one to two inch heel that extends to the ground towards the middle of the shoe
    kitten heels
  19. A black dress, often referred to as a staple
    Lbd or the little black dress
  20. A flowing dress or skirt that has uneven legths usually ending at mid calf 
    handkerchief hem
  21. A bra sewn into a top and gives support with out having to wear a separate bra  
    shelf bra
  22. A garment with no sleeve holes that wraps around the shoulders
  23. Dress or skirt that falls from the waist to form a shape similar to the letter a flatters large hips
    a line 
  24. A crease down the front of pants or many down the front of a skirt can be created with hot iron, gives clothing a clean look
  25. A japanese robe that normally wraps around the body and ties in the back with long flowing sleeves
  26. Pants similar to the ones worn by Jockeys, loose around the hip and thigh and tighter around the knee and calf
  27. Shoes with a wedge like sole often made of string type material, once very popular in the thirties
  28. When a garmet is completed inside and out
  29. A very short often tight skirt
    Mini skirt
  30. A very long skirt past the lower calf
    A maxi skirt
  31. Shoes with a very thick sole, popular in the seventies 
    Platform heels
  32. Flare such as rhinestones or buttons that add pizzazz to an outfit
  33. A hybrid skirt and shorts, shorts with a skirt in front
  34. A garment that is snug against the body and is neither loose nor tight
    For fitting
  35. A high heel shoe, as high as eight inches
  36. A skirt or blouse collar that falls lossely around the chest, can be cut low or high and sometimes ties in the back in order to adjust the length at which the loose fabric falls in the front
    cowl neck
  37. A dress that flows out from just underneath the bust, flatters small busts and hides bulges
    empire line
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