Colic I

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  1. Active ingredient of biosponge?
    Di-Tri-Octahedral Smectite
  2. Location of Enteroliths
    Typically stuck in transverse colon and made in right dorsal
  3. U/S findings indicating surgical large colon conditions?
    Left displacement and Nephrosplenic
  4. Medication that can be used for nephrosplenic entrapment?
  5. Salmonella sp indicated in enterocolitis where?
    Small colon
  6. NSIAD indicated in which colitis?
    Right dorsal colitis
  7. What type of drug is buscapine?
    Anticholinergic, transient increase in HR
  8. Two common places for impactions
    • Pelvic flexure left ventral to left dorsal
    • Transvers colon
  9. Two most common colics
    Gas and impaction
  10. Most common cecal disease
  11. What cannot be given with mineral oil?
  12. Meconium components?
    Bile, gland secretions, amniotic fluid
  13. Bands...
    R Vent
    L Vent
    L Dors
    R Dors
    Transverse Colon
    Small Colon
    • Cecum: 4
    • R Vent: 4
    • L Vent: 4
    • L Dors: 1
    • R Dors: 3
    • Transverse Colon: 2
    • Small Colon: 2
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