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  1. when a party to the action is hearing impaired and requests real time, which proceedings may take place before the real time is available?
    no proceedings may take place
  2. in a civil or criminal hearing where any party or participant is hearing impaired, that party must request a functioning assistive listening system or computer aided transcription system
    5 days before the hearing
  3. __________ __________  is the first examination of a witness upon a matter that is not within scope of a previous examination of the witness
  4. the scope of the redirect examination is limited to the subject matter of the ________ ________
    cross examination
  5. the scope of the recross examination is limited to the subject matter of the _______ _______
    redirect examination
  6. the transcipt of an in camera hearing on trade secrets may be made available after  days
  7. the fee for transcription from original ribbon copy is how much per 100 words?
    85 cents
  8. the fee for each copy for the party buying the original made at the same time is
    15 cents
  9. the fee for a first copy to any person not buying the original shall be:
    20 cents
  10. the transcription of daily copy in civil cases, the reporter may charge an additional
    50 percent
  11. the reporting notes are official records of the court if made by
    official court reporters and pro tempore court reporters
  12. reporting notes in criminal cases may not be destroyed until how long from the taking of the notes?
    ten years
  13. if the notes are kept n any form other than paper
    on duplicate backup copy of the notes shall be kept
  14. when a license is suspended
    hey may petition the agency for reinstatement after one year
  15. in a criminal trial, payment to the court reporter shall be made by
    the county
  16. in a civil proceeding, payments for transcripts and copies shall be made by
    either or both parties
  17. a deposition in a workers' compensation case
    is to be taken in the same manner as other civil depos
  18. the production of records may be required in a depo in a workers' compensation case
  19. before being paid for the transcript of a preliminary hearing, the reporter must
    file an affidavit that the transcript was filed within ten days
  20. if a reporter does not file the transcript of a preliminary hearing within ten days
    their compensation shall be reduced by one half
  21. the reporter shall transcribe a preliminary hearing
    if the defendant is held to answer
  22. the reporter delivers the original an all copies of a prliminary felony hearing to
    the clerk of the court
  23. each defendant receives a copy of his preliminary hearing transcript
    at least five days before trial
  24. the reporter shall make an original and how many copies of a preliminary hearing transcripts
    original and one plus one for each defendant

  25. grand jury proceedings are transcribed
    when and indictment is returned
  26. the reporter files an affidavit that the transcript of a preliminary felony hearing has been delivered to the
    clerk of the superior court
  27. the transcript of a grand jury indictment hearing may be sealed if the court determines that making it public would prejudice the defendant's right to a fair trial
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