court procedures and deposition rules

  1. court reporters function in preliminary proceedings
    upon the request of a judge, magistrate or justice of the peace
  2. during an interrrogatory the court reporter
    places the witness under oath
  3. the manner in which a stenographer takes an interrogatory is generally prescribed by
    statutes and rules of the court
  4. deposition rules
    vary among the states
  5. requirements to renew the RPR certification are maintained by
    earning CE points and NCRA membership
  6. usually when a witness and counsel confer during a deposition, the reporter
    does not note the fact in the transcript
  7. the notice of TAKING a deposition is sent to
    the court reporter
  8. if a deponent refuses to sign a deposition
    the depo will be delivered to the party taking the depo
  9. an applicant convicted of a criminal offense involving moral turpitude
    may be refused certification
  10. U.S. district court rules state that all papers offered for filing
    are typed on double spaced 8.5 inch by 11 inch white paper
  11. if a court reporter is unable to read their notes back
    the witness is recalled to testify again
  12. If an exhibit of a documentary nature is read into the record the
    court reporter records and transcribes it
  13. if a witness makes gestures during their testimony
    ther reporter uses counsel's description of such gestures for the record
  14. a transcript fee
    is in addition to an appearance fee
  15. if a court reporter has parenthetical notes to themselves that are not in the transcript
    they may be called to testify to explain the notes
  16. the fees for transcripts must be paid
    on receipt of the transcript
  17. oral depos
    are a method of pretrial discovery
  18. transcripts are typed
    double spaced, on unglazed white paper, in pica pitch
  19. an event occurring in the courtroom should be
    recorded in the transcript
  20. inaccuracies in the Statement of facts may be corrected
    by an agreement with both parties
  21. during trial the reporter notes the names of witnesses as they appear, the numbers assigned to exhibits, and the description of exhibits on the
    index sheet
  22. the index of exhibits appears
    in the front of each volume
  23. notes are store
  24. a docket lists
    the cases on a court's calendar and lists of appearances
  25. in the citation format 25 NE 2d 34
    NE is the volume name
  26. strike that from the record means the reporter
    types the statement into the record
  27. the title page of a transcript is
    not numbered
  28. in citation format the case title should
    be underlined
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