3. Exudates and Blood in the Retina

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  1. What are hard exudates?
    • lipid accumulation
    • leaking from capillaries and microaneurysms
    • circinate pattern
    • aging and dry amd
  2. What do hard exudates look like?
    • yellowy
    • hard edges
    • small, round
  3. What are cotton wool spots?
    • occlusion of retinal pre-cap arterioles-> supplies NFL
    • NF axons swell
  4. What do cotton wool spots look like?
    • white/grey and fluffy
    • kinda biggish
  5. What do soft drusen look like?
    • largish, grey-yellow-white lesions
    • coalescence: AMD
  6. What is an emboli?
    travel via circulation from one part of body and cause occlusio of a blood vessel in another part of the body
  7. What is the diff between emboli and thrombus/blood clot?
    • emboli: comes from another part of the body via circulation
    • thrombus: forms at the blockage point
  8. What is amaurosis fugax?
    transient monocular visual disturbance
  9. Sx of amarousis fugax?
    • curtain coming down/up
    • grayness of vision
    • '-> hr
    • >1hr: STROKE
  10. What is TIA?
    • transient ischaemic attack
    • sign of stroke
    • goes away within 24hrs
    • lasts ' to hr
  11. Signs of Stroke?
    • FAST
    • F: face dropped?
    • A: Can raise both arms?
    • S: speech slurred?
    • T: time is of the essence
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