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  1. Vital Signs are known as:
    Objective guideposts that provide data to determine a person's state of health.
  2. Vital means:
  3. Signs means:
  4. Just to let you know how important vital signs are:
    You must do them correctly!
  5. Vital Signs tell:
    1. Patients condition.

    2. Objective guideposts.

    3. Life is present.
  6. Four types of Vital Signs:
    1. Temperature

    2. Pulse

    3. Respiration

    4. Blood Pressure
  7. Four guidelines when taking vital signs:
    1. Be familiar with normal ranges for all vital signs.

    2. Make sure all equipment is in proper working order.

    3. Eliminate or minimize factors that affect the vital signs. (exercise, food bev consumption smoking)

    4. Use an organized approach when measuring the vital signs.
  8. Normal Ranges for Temperature:
    97º to 99º F
  9. Normal Pulse Range:
    60 to 100 beats per minute
  10. Normal range for Respiration:
    16 to 20 Respirations per minute.
  11. Normal range for Blood Pressure:
    Systolic 110-140

    Diastolic 60-90
  12. Temp abbreviation for oral when charting:
    no abbreviation
  13. Temp abbreviation for Axillary when charting:
    A with circle around it.
  14. Temp abbreviation fro Rectal when charting:
    R with circle around it.
  15. Temp abbreviation for Aural when charting:
    AD with circle around it for Right Ear or AS with circle around it for Left Ear.
  16. Temp abbreviation for Temporal when charting:
    TA with circle around it.
  17. Vital signs are done by the nurse or medical assistant.

    Very important that the results are correct because the doctor makes his decision of the patient treatment and diagnosis from the vital signs.
    You should be alert to any significant changes and report them to the doctor and in documenting them because they may indicate a change in the patient's condition.

    When incorrect results are given the patient suffers because the doctor has treated the patient with wrong decision.

    If the doctor feels you aren't getting correct results and he has to check behind your work then he will also feel he doesn't need you.

    So--be sure you know how to do vital signs correct if you plan on keeping your job.
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