Defensive BFM

  1. Defensive Objectives
    Defeat initial weapons employment

    Maneuver to deny follow on WEZ

    Neutralize the flight

    Transition to HABFM
  2. Defensive Axioms
    • 1 Survive
    •        Deny sensor nose
    •        Defeat shots

    2 Attacker moving forward on canopy = keep pulling

    3 TA decreasing = increase pull to hold off attacker's nose

    4 If bandit is > 60 AOT, and unable to perform 2 and 3. Redefine.
  3. Bug criteria
    1 150-180o pass - bug toward bandit's 6 o clock

    2 500' pass, if below, climb to takeout and turning room the bandit can use. if above, use exclusive use turning room and go nose low just prior to the merge
  4. Bug mechanics
    1 MRT

    2 40-50o nose low

    • 3 After pulling to bandit's extended six o clock.
    • Unload to 0G. 

    4 Keep sight. As bandit reaches visual limit. Check turn to keep bandit off six

    5 Check turn 20-30o off bandit's nose. Then unload again. No more than twice

    • 6 Assess. If bandit is within 1mile and less than 90o of turn remaining - you will not escape.
    •     -If bug not valid,  LV onto bandit and max perform turn
  5. Rules of two
    Difference between airspeeds plus distance

    • If > 2. bug successful
    • 1.9 or less. 

    Bandit 400. You 300. 400-300 = 1. DME needs to be 1 or greater.
  6. Lost sight gameplan
    1 Idea of where the bandit was? Max perform in that direction

    2 If on deck, reorient LV to remain unpredictable and defeat POM of potential gunshot. Move out of plane every 3-5 sec

    3 If you have altitude, max perform to the deck

    4 If lost sight on bug, check turn at least one clock code in order to flush bandit from your six
  7. Reversal criteria
    1 Bandit must have an ICFPOS (<2000' with greater than 60o TA)

    2 Bandit must pass extended six o clock with high line of sight

    3 Must be able to visualize reversing inside bandit's turn radius
  8. Reversal
    unloaded roll placing LV on to slightly above fighter

    lift limit pull (trading airspeed for angles)

    now in 1C flight
  9. SSD
    Max perform out of plane is a lift limit pull. Nibble of buffet
  10. Radius Defense (2C)
    Oblique nose low out of plane maneuvering

    Overall goal is to increase time to kill

    Primary defense and should be used on perch sets

    1 135o overbank while maintaining lift-limit pull at MRT
  11. Ditch
    Pure nose low

    Optimum below 270
  12. Positional Deck Transition
    With low fuselage alignment (low AOT & AON)

    Trades altitude for angles

    LV below horizon to intercept 10% rule.

    Lift limit pull to create angles turning bandit's lag into lead.

    Reverse (idle/boards may not be bad option)
  13. Energy rate deck transition
    With high fuselage alignment (high AOT & AON)

    Trades altitude for airspeed to ensure we arrive on deck within our rate band.
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